Jamf Now update adds macOS restrictions, new Blueprints UI

Jamf Now has long supported a number of restrictions for enrolled and supervised devices. With this update, we’ve drastically increased what you can manage with restrictions. See what's available.

June 21 2018 by

Garrett Denney

We’re excited to announce support for macOS restrictions and a new layout for Blueprints! Here’s a quick overview:


For many companies, security is a major reason for adopting a mobile device management (MDM) tool. Restrictions are an excellent way to shore up your organization’s privacy and take steps to become more secure. At their core, restrictions help you tell your devices what not to do.

Jamf Now has long supported a number of restrictions for enrolled and supervised devices. With this update, we’re drastically increasing what you can manage with restrictions.

We’ve listed a few of our favorite new restrictions below, but be sure to check out the full capabilities of restrictions in your Jamf Now account.

Wi-Fi whitelisting

Wireless internet connectivity is a powerful tool for most businesses but sometimes it makes sense to restrict how your teams access the web.

With Wi-Fi whitelisting, supervised devices in Jamf Now are only able to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots that you approve. This helps protect against malicious activity on public hotspots and ensure that your organization’s data is in the right hands.

Disable email account modification

Which email account should I use at work? It’s an age-old question and one that can be tricky to answer, particularly for small and medium businesses that are adopting Apple IDs for the first time.

With the new Disable account email modification restriction, you can tailor how Jamf Now handles email account creation and modification.

In some cases, it might make sense to establish a single work email and prevent the addition of any other accounts. In other situations, it can make sense to prevent the addition of any email accounts at all. This new restriction gives you the flexibility to choose the best path for your team.

Prevent VPN configuration

While virtual private networks (VPNs) can be powerful tools, they can also be a roadblock to effective web content filtering.

In environments where filtering is important, such as schools and hospitals, preventing VPN configuration is an effective way to fortify your filtering strategy and make sure that traffic isn’t able to rely on a VPN to bypass the filter.

And much more

Finally, new restrictions like Block all cookies in Safari and Disable Safari auto-fill are small actions that help protect your team’s privacy while they browse. Be sure to check out the full list of new restrictions in your Jamf Now account today.

Blueprints UI

With all the new options coming to restrictions, the main Blueprints layout is evolving to include a new vertical bar on the left-hand side of the page for ease of navigation.

Additionally, we’re breaking the restrictions group into a number of buckets to better explain what they are and how you can use them to secure and manage your devices. In the screenshot above, you can see new restriction categories like Siri and iCloud in addition to old favorites like Apps and Email.

Next Steps

All the updates are available now in all Jamf Now accounts. Log in or sign up for an account today to try them yourself!

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