Jamf Pro 10.50 release: Security and more

The Jamf Pro 10.50 release brings support for new macOS restrictions, the FileVault 'ForceEnableInSetupAssistant' key and much more, based on testing of Apple's latest betas.

September 5 2023 by

Sean Smith

Through extensive testing in Apple’s latest beta releases, Jamf Pro 10.50 offers compatibility with macOS Sonoma, iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and tvOS 17. We are excited to show you the highlights of this notable release.

Operating system compatibility

Compatibility starts at management and security vendors aligning with Apple’s direction and vision of innovative workflows. It continues when those vendors develop alongside Apple’s foundational technology to ensure organizations of all sizes aren’t left behind. Compatibility with Apple’s new operating systems means that IT admins can upgrade to the latest and greatest operating system with the confidence that critical workflows remain intact.

Ensuring Jamf Pro is compatible with Apple's latest beta release means a few different things, all of them important to your Apple environment. The first is that when the new operating systems are released, organizations are more likely to be protected against security vulnerabilities from out-of-date software. Old software is generally less secure software, so when organizations can update its base operating system as soon as it is released, it makes the entire organization more protected. Compatibility also means that you can actually upgrade. Without it, you cannot take advantage of the most efficient upgrade paths or users experience downtime from breaking workflows. Finally, it means making sure the people IT admins support can adopt the newest client features when they are available. Apple consumers love using the new functionalities each OS release introduces, and the employees IT admins support are no different.

Jamf Pro 10.50 is compatible with the following workflows:

  • Enrollment and inventory reporting
  • Configuration profiles
  • App distribution
  • Self Service installation
  • Self Service launches and connections
  • App distribution via Self Service
  • Policies
  • Restricted software

Now, onto the key features included in latest betas that Jamf Pro 10.50 supports.

Support for new macOS restrictions

New macOS restrictions help organizations get more options to restrict specific functionality within System Settings, allowing for more granular controls and an improved end-user experience. IT admins and their organizations have specific needs and may or may not want these features to be enabled with a new operating system. The Jamf Pro 10.50 release brings newly available payload keys to the macOS restrictions configuration profiles. The following is a partial list of the restriction keys supported in this Jamf Pro release:

  • Allow modifying Bluetooth Sharing setting
  • Allow modifying File Sharing setting
  • Allow Remote Management Sharing setting
  • Allow modifying Internet sharing setting
  • Allow modifying TouchID fingerprints
  • Allow creating users in System Settings

To see a full list, visit the Jamf Pro 10.50 release notes.

FileVault 'ForceEnableInSetupAssistant' key

Admins can force end users to be prompted to enable FileVault in the Setup Assistant when running macOS 14.0 or later, increasing the security posture of the device. By enforcing FileVault encryption to protect files from being seen or copied if the device is lost or stolen, sensitive data stored on the Mac is encoded so it cannot be read unless the login password is entered.

Return to Service MDM erase command

For shared device use or shift workers, an important workflow is resetting and reenrolling devices for easy use. The Return to Service MDM Erase Command allows organizations and institutions to easily reset, reenroll, and get their devices with iOS or iPadOS 17 or later ready to be used automatically with minimal manual effort. This is done by wiping the device with the MDM command and having it automatically reenroll back into the MDM.

Based on testing with the latest betas, Return to Service is offered in the Jamf Pro API in Jamf Pro 10.50. IT admins and apps will be able to build workflows to automate the resetting and reenrolling of managed device. The command erases all data from the managed device, automatically reenrolls into Jamf Pro and proceeds to the Home Screen, ready for use.

Interested in learning more about Jamf Pro 10.50? Check out the release notes.

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