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July 20, 2017 by Nick Thompson

Jamf Pro 9.100.0: What you need to know

To help you prepare for this fall’s Apple releases, Jamf Pro 9.100.0 adds compatibility for Apple’s beta operating systems, plus a number of other new features to help you do your job more efficiently.

It’s only been six weeks since WWDC and end users are already anxiously anticipating when they can start installing the new operating systems and features on their devices. Apple users expect to be able to seamlessly upgrade to the latest Apple operating systems the day they become available as shown by Apple’s own App Store statistics that cite 86 percent of iPhone and iPad users are on iOS 10. To help you start preparing for this fall’s Apple releases, Jamf Pro 9.100.0 adds compatibility for Apple’s beta operating systems, plus a number of other new features to help you do your job more efficiently. Here’s what’s new in this release:

Apple Beta Compatibility Testing
You can start testing iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, and tvOS 11 (in beta). It is critical to start testing these beta operating systems so you can validate workflows and ensure that when users upgrade to the latest the day they become available, your processes and security protocols stay intact. If you are participating in Apple’s beta program, you can test initial compatibility with Jamf Pro 9.100.0. As with all beta software, Jamf strongly encourages organizations to use a non-production environment for testing.

Tethered Caching
Apple unveiled a new tethered caching service with macOS Sierra 10.12.4, which allows connected iOS devices to receive initial app installs from the connected Mac. Jamf Pro 9.100.0 adds the ability to see if an iOS device is connected and requires tethering for an initial app install. Not only does this help save network bandwidth and time, it also provides you with a new option for setting up iOS devices.

XProtect Reporting
Apple’s built-in anti-malware tool, XProtect, is great for preventing malicious software from being installed by users. Definition lists are maintained and updated by Apple, so it’s important to know what version is running on an end user’s Mac. IT admins using the new version of Jamf Pro can now report on the status of XProtect with new macOS inventory and reporting options. You can view the current version of XProtect, create advanced searches and smart groups based on XProtect version criteria. Malware definition updates arrive through Apple’s normal software update process.

Re-Enrollment Settings
The need to re-enroll devices into a Jamf Pro server is common when upgrading to new operating systems or reissuing devices to new users. After re-enrolling a device, you had to manually remove old device records to avoid conflicting inventory data — a time-consuming task. New with 9.100.0, you can now control what pieces of inventory records are cleared automatically (or saved) during re-enrollment scenarios. This helps automate the repetitive task of clearing old records and saves you time. These settings are customizable, so you can control what management and user history is created when setting up your re-enrollment workflows.

Healthcare Listener Enhancements
Jamf’s Healthcare Listener is already being used by Healthcare organizations to trigger remote wipes based on patients being discharged from the hospital. New with 9.100, the Healthcare Listener can now listen to a wider set of ADT commands and send a wider set of MDM commands. This means IT can now create custom rules and define which ADT messages trigger various mobile device commands (such as lost mode, lock and wipe). You can even map ADT message fields to mobile device inventory attributes. This enables more robust workflows for hospitals and expands the overall use of iPads for patients. Jamf and the Healthcare Listener continues to help transform the patient experience with iOS.

Check out the Jamf Pro 9.100.0 release notes for a complete listing of what’s new!

Ready to take advantage?
The Jamf Pro 9.100.0 release is already available to Jamf customers. Cloud-hosted customers will be upgraded automatically.

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Contact us to learn how Jamf Pro 9.100.0 can help you achieve your most important objectives. You can also start with a product demo to see what Jamf Pro can do. Or speak directly with one of our product experts. You’re going to love it!

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