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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - JSS REST API , The Key to a Better Night’s Sleep

JSS REST API — The Key to a Better Night’s Sleep

This session explains how the JSS REST API can turn mundane and tedious tasks into automated actions. 

Charles Ludwick and Josh Schripsema of Expedia, had been managing the JSS manually. They realized that this was not the best practice, and were looking to turn the mundane and tedious tasks into an automated process. They were also looking to leverage the API to get more done and get more done efficiently.

They decided to leverage the JSS REST API to add printers and automate policies. Their session covered the basics of how they did this and discussed the functionalities of common commands such as GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.

Charles and Josh showed us how the REST API works, and built an example using the following steps:  

  • Define variables
  • Gather a list of all policies
  • Loop through all policies
  • Find the package and replace
  • Update the policy record

New strategy for installing printers

They also addressed the issues of printer overload in organizations, which often leads to the need for many policies being created in order to install them all. To alleviate the policy madness, Expedia has leveraged the API to allow for a mass-grab of printers so that users can choose the ones that they need. The crowd in attendance was extremely excited about the idea of efficiently installing printers throughout their organization.

Charles and Josh will look at making this functionality open-sourced for others to utilize. Please check JAMF Nation for any updates.

As this session proved, knowing the full functionality of your tools and resources, truly does lead to more peaceful shuteye. 

Watch the full video of this session now.

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