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December 21, 2020 by Teo Rangelova

Liko-School—a digital learning leader with Jamf School

With the help of Jamf School, Liko-School has brought Apple's education offering to a new level in an interactive and distance-learning environment to become a digital learning leader in Europe by maximizing the value of Apple technology in their educational environment. Here's how.

Liko-School uses Jamf School to maximize the value of Apple technology and become a digital learning leader

The Technological Liko-School in Kiev is a modern educational institution that is one of the top 10 innovative schools in Ukraine. It employs 120 highly-qualified educators, teaching more than 700 children with modern European-focused teaching methods.

The Liko-School building: a digital education leader with help from Jamf School.

Also called ‘The Lyceum’, the school has ambitious goals to become a center of expertise for innovation using the most progressive methods and technologies. Because of their well-established benefits in education, this includes the use of Apple iPad devices, Apple TV and iMac devices in the classroom and labs.

Digital Learning with personal iPads

To turn the classroom system into a fascinating learning environment, Liko-School combines a variety of technologies with an innovative curriculum. Starting from the first grade, children acquire knowledge in a digital learning environment -- all using personal devices.

In 2018, the school organized specialized classes and laboratories based on iPad and iMac devices for a wide range of subjects, namely: Programming, Biotechnology and Medicine, Engineering and Design as well as Construction and Architecture.

Today, Liko-School’s students and teachers use more than 400 iPad devices, 40 Apple TVs and 20 iMac devices. The 1:1 iPad program allowed the students to process large amounts of information and made the transition to distance learning during COVID-19 easy.

Students and teacher in a Liko-School classroom using iPads with Jamf School.

Liko-School uses Jamf School to manage more than 400 devices

Once the number of devices increased to 400 units, the school faced the challenge of increasing costs for IT maintenance. It became necessary to optimize the management of the Apple devices and to find an effective solution. Liko-School chose the market leader: Jamf School.

Jamf School allowed the quick deployment of hundreds of iPads in only five days, managing the entire school's Apple fleet in just one click. Jamf School was mainly used to:

  • Customize tablets
  • Distribute applications
  • Regulate access to educational content

The built-in apps Jamf School Student, Jamf Teacher for Jamf School and Jamf Parent for Jamf School allow all groups of users from students to teachers and even parents to have control over devices and learning progress.

Yuriy Baglay, Liko-School CIO

"For me as a school CIO, is very important that Jamf School allows us to configure hundreds of tablets, install applications, make restrictions and to enables the student to focus on their school work. Also important is the safety of children on the internet. Jamf School offers services to regulate access to the content on student devices."

-- Yuriy Baglay, Liko-School CIO

With the help of Jamf School, Liko-School has brought Apple's education offering to a new level in an interactive and distance-learning environment. Managing Apple devices has never been so easy and safe, nor learning more exciting and productive.

See what Jamf School can do for your school!

Teo Rangelova
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