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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - Policies 101: Unleash The Power

Policies 101: Unleash the Power

Justin Rummel discussed the power of policies and ways to successfully implement them throughout an organizaiton. 

Justin Rummel, Director of Operations at Stony River Technologies, spoke this morning about the power of policies within the Casper Suite. Policies are the keystone element that allow for customization and control of almost any element within OS X. Justin reminded us all about the power we have at our fingertips with policies and discussed a few cautionary tales when implementing certain policies. 

“What do I want to do and to whom,” is the key question a Mac admin needs to ask when creating policies, according to Justin. He described how policies can be broken down into General Information, Triggers, and Scope. Justin walked us through common admin tasks by leveraging triggers and scope. Examples included ways to scope a Microsoft Office update to specific users, and how to setup a custom trigger that allow admins to push software to a Mac based on a network change. Dave Rioux of Windham School District in NH noted, “The session was very helpful and the specific examples showed me what others are using policies for.”

Justin spent time fielding questions from the crowd where topics such as setting up a custom Software Update Server, triggering installs of printer drivers, and best practices for creating policies were covered. Justin left the crowd with an important piece of advice, “it has to be all about the end-user experience” when it comes to creating successful polices.

Watch the full video of this session now.

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