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February 16, 2022 by Matthias Wollnik

Jamf protects against NimbleMamba malware slithering about

Jamf Threat Labs updates Jamf Threat Defense, preventing NimbaMamba from threatening your Windows devices.

Threat: NimbleMamba

Proofpoint recently documented a new phishing campaign and associated malware by a threat actor dubbed TA402/MoleRats.

Affects: The NimbleMamba malware is a Windows-targeted intelligence-gathering tool. The associated phishing campaign seems to be primarily targeted geographically in the Middle East.

Detected by: Jamf Threat Defense identifies any phishing attempts for this current phishing campaign as of 2/10/2022.

Prevented by: Jamf Threat Defense blocks phishing attempts for this current phishing campaign as of 2/11/2022.

IOCs (as published by Proofpoint):





Web exploit URLs:



Concerned about NimbleMamba taking a bite out of your Windows fleet?

Jamf Threat Defense has what it takes to defang this and countless other malware to keep your macOS, iOS, Windows and Android endpoints protected.

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Matthias Wollnik
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