[Session] Managing the Unmanageable

October 25 2012 by

Bryson Tyrrell stands at a podium during jNUC 2012 to explain all the tricks and tips Jamf Pro has to offer for Mac device management.

We know what you’re wondering…does JAMF Software drink the Kool-Aid? You bet we do. In this session, our own IT guys, Bill Hansen and Bryson Tyrrell showed the Nation how we leverage enrollment, Self Service, and eBooks internally, amongst a group who knows all the tricks the Casper Suite has to offer.

So what’s life at JAMF Software like? To start, we’ve embraced the cloud. Anything that can be reasonably hosted in the cloud lives in the cloud. Second, we try to keep IT out of the way, or at least under the radar by wielding a REALLY big carrot. By leveraging Apple technologies like FileVault 2 and GateKeeper, and allowing local admin rights for most technologies, we’re able to remove ourselves from some of the equations and let our team get their job done. And considering every JAMF Software employee is equipped with a primary MacBook, iPad, and possibly an iPhone—a 2-1 (or more) hardware ratio—this makes life a little simpler in the IT department.

When it comes to software, we use Self Service as a one-shop hub for our users. Through our own early incarnation of an enterprise app store, our employees access services such as Salesforce or Web Help Desk, plug-ins for software, productivity apps, or anything else from the 90+ available items to install.

JAMF Software also heavily utilizes eBooks for various purposes, including our all-company weekly updates. The team gathers once a week for a recap and a look ahead, and then downloads the eBook through Self Service to read and review at their leisure.

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