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June 14, 2017 by Jeni Asaba

Supporting the Minneapolis and Eau Claire communities

Jamf employees participated in local Pride events to show support and gain a better understanding of how we can help build better, stronger and more inclusive communities for everyone.

Last weekend, Jamf employees from the company’s Minneapolis and Eau Claire offices attended local events to show support for their communities. The participation was part of Jamf’s elevated efforts to have a presence in the cities they serve while honoring the company’s values of selflessness and relentless self-improvement.

On Saturday, a cross-departmental team of employees joined together at the Chippewa Valley Pride Picnic in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. In addition to making many meaningful community connections, the Jamf employees learned more about what they can do to have an impact on their community. But for some, it was even more. A presence at the picnic was a statement of acceptance.

“The Chippewa Valley Pride Picnic was super meaningful for me,” said Jamf employee, Pol Sorquist. “As a member of the LGBTQ+ community from a smaller town, I know just how important it is to feel supported and valued in your community. The simple presence of friendly and supporting faces can mean the world to someone, especially to LGBTQ+ kids who might not yet feel comfortable in their own skin. To have Jamf, a well-known organization in the community, showing support for everyone in our communities was just an incredible experience.”

The following day in Minnesota, another group of Jamfs gathered at Open Streets Minneapolis, an event that closes main city streets and encourages families to walk, bike or roll through normally busy streets – a new, fun way to explore their community. “This wasn’t a recruiting event, nor was it used to drum up business,” Jamf employee, Tim Knox, said. “It was all about community and being a part of the greater world around us.”

In addition to helping youngsters decorate their bikes and helmets, Jamf brought games and a question – what do you love about Minnesota? The answers were vast. From the beautiful lakes to the food and people, everyone had something positive to say. “At times we had a line of people waiting to write down their answers,” Knox said. “And each time, they would take a picture of what people had written.”

Sorquist echoed the event’s success, saying the connections they made with local organizations like Our Streets Minneapolis, the organization that organized Open Streets, and City of Skate, a nonprofit that’s working to build world-class skate parks in Minneapolis, planted seeds for future relationships.

He said, “We’re already reconnecting and working with some of these organizations to understand how Jamf can assist to build better, stronger and more inclusive communities for everyone.”

On June 24 – 25, Jamf employees will continue to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community at the 2017 Twin Cities Pride Festival in Loring Park.

Photo of Jeni Asaba
Jeni Asaba
As an award-winning community manager, Jeni oversees community (Jamf Nation & Jamf Heroes) at Jamf. She uses her passion for people to fuel her work. She shares her interests, fears and weaknesses with her community members as a way to forge genuine connections and trusted relationships. She’s a wife of nearly 16 years, the proud (and slightly exhausted) mom of two boys and an endless dreamer.
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