Teqtivity + Jamf Pro: Maximizing benefits for your Apple fleet

Businesses face myriad challenges to security and compliance. Learn how the seamless integration between Teqtivity and Jamf Pro offers unparalleled advantages for managing your Apple fleet.

April 29 2024 by

Nadia Te

Security professional secures mobile devices using Jamf.

Unlocking the power of management

Enhanced security measures

Integrating Teqtivity brings a comprehensive suite of security measures to the table, meticulously crafted to protect your assets. Jamf Pro's robust capabilities, coupled with Teqtivity's innovative solutions, allow you to review encryption protocols and conduct routine audits with ease, ensuring that your Apple fleet remains safeguarded.

Streamlined compliance

Achieving and maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations is made effortless. By leveraging Jamf Pro's compliance features and Teqtivity's tailored solutions, you can navigate regulatory landscapes seamlessly, staying ahead of compliance requirements without disruptions to your operations. From monitoring and reporting to resolving discrepancies in real-time, this integration empowers you to confidently demonstrate adherence.

Simplified fleet management: A time-saving advantage

Managing your Apple fleet becomes a breeze with the Teqtivity Integration with Jamf Pro. Here's how it streamlines the process:

Centralized control

Jamf Pro's powerful management capabilities combined with Teqtivity's intuitive solutions offer a centralized platform for overseeing your entire Apple fleet.

Automated workflows = increased efficiency

Imagine this: an employee departs the company. Teqtivity's integration with your HR tools automatically identifies the user's device for return. Simultaneously, Teqtivity interacts with Jamf Pro, initiating a remote lock on the company-issued Mac — all without manual intervention.

Automated workflows don’t just ensure company data security; they also save IT teams valuable time and resources. Another example of the just-in-time workflows available includes automating routine tasks, like asset creation and deployment, during initial enrollment. Doing so eliminates manual data entry which minimizes the risk of user-introduced errors.

Scalability and flexibility

As your business grows and evolves, the Teqtivity scales to meet your growing needs. Whether expanding your fleet, integrating new technologies, adapting to market shifts or all three— this integration offers the flexibility required to stay agile. Teqtivity synchronizes with Jamf, creating a single source of truth for asset management, which ensures consistency in asset records for businesses of all sizes.

How does Teqtivity impact cybersecurity?

Teqtivity impacts cybersecurity for your device fleet by supercharging your asset inventory and user assignment workflows. By integrating with Jamf, Teqtivity enables:

  • Effortless discovery and tracking of Apple devices
  • Streamlined views of assets and the users they’re assigned to
  • Automation of asset creation and management in real-time
  • Easy detection and reconciliation of variations between the two tools


In essence, the Teqtivity Integration with Jamf Pro brings together the best of both worlds. Pairing Jamf Pro's robust device management capabilities with Teqtivity's innovative asset tracking solutions to:

  • Streamline asset management
  • Save time performing daily IT operations
  • Enhance asset security for your Apple fleet
  • Monitor compliance achievement

And it does it all while optimizing efficiency through automated workflows that drive success with confidence.

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