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September 25, 2019 by Sam Weiss

The power (and offerings) of the Jamf Marketplace

Our recent webinar highlights seven tools/services that integrate well with Jamf to provide a great experience for end users and admins alike.

The boom in available apps affects more than just consumers; enterprises now rely on a record number of apps and services to keep employees informed, engaged, secure and productive. Okta’s 2019 Business at Work report indicated that small/mid-size organizations deploy roughly 73 apps while larger organizations deploy 129 apps. As IT departments evolve to serve an expanding number of users and groups, the number of tools that they use and provide also goes up. In fact, tools being leveraged are up 43% compared to just 5 years ago. This trend is unlikely to stop, which means interoperability and integration of tools is more important than ever.

At Jamf, we understand this need and provide resources for software vendors to make well integrated tools, and created the Jamf Marketplace for administrators to find great tools that work well with Jamf Pro. When meeting an organization for the first time, we like to confidently respond to the question “Do you integrate with (insert tool here)?” with a resounding “Yes!”

We recognize the sigh of relief from an admin who knows their team won’t have to deal with unnecessary disconnected tools. Our recent webinar highlights seven tools/services that integrate well with Jamf to provide a great experience for end users and admins alike. If you are looking for new tools or simply auditing your IT stack for potential efficiencies, make sure to stop at the Jamf Marketplace to see best-of-breed services that integrate with the device management platform you already know and love.

The seven tools with great Jamf Pro integrations that we highlighted:

PaperCut - Easy to use, powerful, and secure print management software

Freshservice - Modern IT service management tool that leverages Jamf Pro inventory data

Carousel - Digital Signage platform with Apple TV support and deep Jamf Pro integration

Kiosk Pro - Create digital experiences with professional interactive kiosk software, that can be managed and configured with Jamf Pro

Kinobi - Extend the power of patch management with either an open-source external patch server or professional managed patch definitions

Oomnitza - Asset management platform with a focus on integrations to other enterprise systems as a source of truth; easy setup with drag-and-drop attribute matching

jAlly - Perform device lookups and basic troubleshooting tasks with this simple to use app

Watch the webinar to learn more about all of them, or jump directly to their Marketplace listings linked above. The Jamf Marketplace contains both open-source and commercial software, and integrations. As more developers leverage the power of Jamf’s API and other developer tools, you can expect to see new and exciting tools regularly, so make sure to check back often.

Does the rest of your IT stack work well with Jamf? Are you interested in checking out a mobile device management (MDM) solution that believes in the power of extensibility? Get started with a free trial now.

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Sam Weiss
Sam Weiss manages the Solution Partner Program at Jamf. This dedicated team focuses on helping third parties bring Jamf integrations to life, fostering a powerful ecosystem of enterprise Apple solutions.
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