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This Weeks Bushel Upgrades

At Bushel, we’re always hard at work making your experience with our product better. Why? Because we like you and want you to like us too. We made an update without any major new features last night, but with lots of little tweaks and improvements to existing stuff. Look for our next release to introduce a couple of pretty awesome new options. But for now, here’s what we fixed/did/tweaked/programmed/nerded-out-on for you in our latest release:

  • Started to periodically request inventory for “OK” devices
  • Icons in App top feeds are no longer roundedAdded a swanky new cards-grid
  • Added a confirmation dialog for VPP remove user so customers don’t accidentally remove users from VPP
  • Added a sweet flexbox grid for App store
  • Added the chat button back to signup, login, or setup pages
  • Change some of the Email labeling to make a little more sense
  • Tweaked the App icons on Device Details
  • Added those rad new MacBooks to our devices list (with pretty pictures)
  • Provided GUI improvements for Firefox users
  • Renamed “critical” in charts so we don’t freak people out
  • Updated Last Check In card
  • Configured app counts to trigger whether you see various app tabs
  • Password settings are no longer reflected in the interface if no profiles exist
  • Corrected Model identifier ‘iPad5,4’ to display as iPad Air and not iPad Air 2
  • VPP app synchronization now gets iPad only flag correct in limited cases where it was not correct
  • Lots of tweaks to the back-end that you don’t care about (and frankly probably thought we already did)

We also almost released web-clips. But after thinking about it, we decided to hold off on that until we can do something that makes that experience much better than with any other tool on the market. In fact, we’re thoroughly confused why no one else thought of this before… Stay tuned!

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