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What’s it like to deploy 4,000 machines in a Louisiana warehouse?

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Henry Ford may have invented the assembly line, but he’s got nothing on these folks. When it comes to imaging and provisioning, it’s pretty obvious the professional services team has done this once or twice (or two thousand times) before.

In yet another large professional services engagement, rotating teams of 5-6 JAMFs have diligently been receiving, unboxing, imaging, provisioning, tagging, activating, naming, enrolling, repackaging, and deploying thousands of devices. Whew!

For a group of folks that’s used to some of the coldest climates the US has to offer, spending the summer in Lutcher, LA at the St. James Parish School District was, well, a rather steamy experience. Although things got a little warm, the team is super energetic and all smiles as they help this district of roughly 4,000 students prepare for the upcoming school year. Watch them sweat it out while they prep 3,230 MacBook Airs and 345 iMacs in our time-lapse video.

For the rest of the real-life imaging and provisioning solutions story, y’all stay tuned for the full video profile!