Surviving the Post-JumpStart Whirlwind: Your Ultimate Guide

Tips and tricks for building on and maintaining the knowledge from the JAMF Software JumpStart.  

October 21 2014 by

JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - Your Guide to Surviving the Post-JumpStart Whirlwind

All sales of the Casper Suite are accompanied by a professional services engagement called a JumpStart. It’s a wonderful start to kick-off the Casper Suite experience and get admins well on their way to managing Macs. But, the weekend rolls around and come Monday morning your Casper Suite knowledge isn’t as crisp as it was the previous week. Nick Koval today shared the perfect cure for the post-JumpStart whirlwind. 

Nick showed the crowd how to navigate advanced setting options for policies and how to create better smart groups and methods for testing. As a great post-jumpstart activity, Nick suggested creating a “Type, Name, State” naming convention for policies. Having a standard naming convention is important because the name is ”simple enough for me to know what’s happening and I can hand off between admins…and not duplicate work.”

From there, Nick showed us ways Smart Groups allow us to be more proactive when building systems reports. Admins can use these reports to proactively solve common issues that end users submit tickets for. Last, but certainly not least, he stressed the importance of setting up test groups to ensure a successful deployment.

Watch the full video of this session now.

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