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Jamf 400 Course

Become a Jamf Certified Expert.

Welcome to the graduate-level course. The Jamf 400 Course is a Jamf Pro-centric approach of managing Apple devices through an accelerated, hands-on and challenge-based training.

Jamf training is the hardest training I have ever taken, but the most rewarding.
Denise W.


  • Jamf Pro: Installation and configuration, certificates and enrollment.
  • Data reporting and manipulation: Extension attributes, API and MySQL.
  • User management: LDAP integration and binding.
  • Preferences and packaging: Property Lists, SQLite, JSON and Composer.
  • Scripting: Loops, arrays, parsing data and displaying messages.


  • Earned Jamf Certified Admin or Certified Casper Admin (version 9).
  • Previous Jamf Certified Expert or Certified Casper Expert certification (version 9).
  • Scripting knowledge including conditionals, variables and data flow.

What's Included:

  • Four days of lab-style, challenge-based learning and peer review.
  • All hardware and software required for the course.
  • Printed course materials.
  • Jamf Certified Expert badge on your Jamf Nation profile (upon successfully completing the challenge-based exam with a passing score).

Jamf 400 Course

Daily Schedule 9:00 am — 5:00pm

Ready to Enroll?

Register with your Training Pass through Jamf Nation or contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative.

For more information, please review the Training Policies.