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Mac computers continue their growth in the enterprise.

Apple continues to leave its mark on the enterprise

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So this notion that more Apple devices, especially Macs, are heading to an organization near you, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

From our co-CEO Chip Pearson’s keynote at last year’s MacIT Conference to our national survey conducted with Dimensional Research, we’ve provided the facts when it comes to the boom of Apple adoption in the enterprise.

Before you roll your eyes…
We don’t blame you for being skeptical hearing about the growth of Mac from those that sell Mac management software. But the new reality of Mac is that more business users and IT staffs are seeing why the Mac platform is a good fit for their organization. And the Apple/IBM partnership only solidifies the trajectory of Apple in the enterprise.  

Don’t take our word for it
InfoWorld executive editor, Galen Gruman, also sees the writing on the wall. In his article, The Truth about Macs in the enterprise, he breaks down the case for Macs in the enterprise, and explains why Macs should comprise 10 to 25 percent of an organization’s work computers.

So, where will the growth of Apple in the enterprise take us? Stay tuned to find out.