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Jamf is offering 2023 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) sponsorships to 10 people from underrepresented groups within the technology sector.

July 7 2023 by

Efren Palacios Sanchez

Antonio Salas De La Torre

Jamf focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

At Jamf, we are committed to cultivating and nurturing an inclusive workplace environment that embraces mutual respect and a sense of belonging for all individuals. We firmly believe that fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging goes beyond mere rhetoric—it requires concrete actions and investments to create meaningful change.

This year, we introduced a multi-year diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) strategy designed with a strong foundation in the 4C model: culture, career, community and communication. The JNUC Diversity Sponsorship program holds a critical position within our 4C model and our broader DEIB strategy. The program aligns with our commitment to advancing diversity and underrepresented individuals in the technology field. By providing sponsorship opportunities, we aim to bridge the gaps that hinder the progress of underrepresented talent and amplify their voices within the technology industry.

What is the Jamf Nation User Conference?

Whether you've experienced it firsthand or heard about it, the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) holds a unique significance. It brings together a community of passionate individuals and exceptionally talented minds. Seasoned Jamf administrators and enthusiasts share their expertise on diverse subjects, aiming to empower our community and enhance their professional growth. However, we aspire to go beyond that and strive for improvement. That's why we are delighted to announce the sixth edition of the JNUC Diversity Sponsorship program.

What is the JNUC Diversity Sponsorship program?

To foster a more diverse and inclusive dialogue at this year's event, we have taken steps to broaden our program by providing sponsorships to 10 individuals from underrepresented groups within the technology sector. We wholeheartedly value your distinct viewpoints and seek to gain insights on how we can contribute to making the tech industry a more inclusive and equitable space for all professionals.

What do the sponsorships include?

  • An all-inclusive ticket to JNUC
  • Exclusive meet-and-greet with Jamf senior leaders
  • $500 stipend to use toward travel and hotel costs
  • An abundance of geektastic, JNUC fun.

Impact of the Sponsorships

"I was fortunately chosen to receive a diversity scholarship for JNUC in 2022. As a first-time attendee of this conference, I wanted to ensure I take in all the opportunities of utilizing the scholarship to meet other peers in the industry, learn their story of how they have gotten to this point in their career and learning new trends while attending sessions. Honestly, the highlight of my time at JNUC was getting the unique opportunity of having breakfast with the executive team and meeting Jamf CEO Dean Hager. I was informed he had a special connection with my alum mater/employer Clemson University so I knew we would hit it off! I learned so much during my first JNUC experience and would recommend anyone to attend JNUC soon. I am so fortunate that I stumble upon the JNUC Diversity Scholarship as I already purchased my conference pass initially before applying! Just glad that I did apply and got a chance to meet others from diverse backgrounds and able to connect on a different level!"

- Deveraux T. Williams, MHRD 
IT & Client Success Manager
, Clemson University

"When I applied to be accepted for a diversity scholarship for JNUC in 2022 I was concerned revealing my vulnerability would be an issue. As a recently widowed single parent and one of very few female Mac System Administrators I had felt marginalized. However, being a recipient gave me the amazing opportunity to meet others from minority backgrounds and form a support group, learn exponentially and network with the wider Jamf community. I also got to meet with the Jamf C-Suite and a fellow Women ERG Chair, helping to build lasting and meaningful relationships. To summarize, being able to attend JNUC 2022 has made me a more confident Mac Sys Admin and raised awareness for Women in IT amongst the community. Whatever your circumstances, don't be afraid to apply. You will not only be raising your own profile and taking away a huge amount of knowledge but lifting others with you!"

- Fiona Skelton, System Administrator, Mac, Co-Chair Women ERG, Hootsuite Inc.

Apply for the JNUC Diversity Sponsorship today.

Join us at this year's JNUC in sunny Austin, TX, September 19-21. If you belong to an underrepresented group within the tech industry, take the opportunity to apply for the JNUC Diversity Sponsorship by 5:00 p.m. CDT on Friday, August 4. Past recipients are not eligible to reapply.

A panel of Jamfs are excited to review and evaluate your applications! After two rigorous assessment rounds, the applicants with the 10 highest scores will be awarded the sponsorship. All applicants will receive a notification regarding our decision by August 14.

Good luck in your application process!

Visit for more information about this year’s event.

Apply for a 2023 JNUC Diversity Sponsorship.

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