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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - Casper Focus in the Enterprise!

Casper Focus in the Enterprise!

Michael Barrett discussed why Insperity chose Casper Focus over Apple Configurator to lock apps on devices.

Casper Focus enables teachers to perform classroom management tasks from their own iPad by locking students’ iPads to a single app at a time. Casper Focus has fast become the go-to tool for education, but is now being embraced by the enterprise.

Michael Barrett, Systems Engineer at Insperity, explained how his company uses Casper Focus to lock apps over the air for EventBoard conference room displays and Crestron AV automation remotes.

Michael went into detail on why they chose Casper Focus as an alternative to Apple Configurator. He said that Apple Configurator requires a physical connection for changes and is not ideal for permanently installed devices. But with Casper Focus, they can enable app lock over the air, it requires no physical connection, only requires an iOS device to use, and “ultimately limits down time of the device.”

He then discussed the Apple Deployment Program and its ability to create Pre-Stage Enrollment and Smart Mobile Device Groups.  Michael wrapped up his presentation by walking through a few workflows to start using Casper Focus and answered questions from the crowd.

Watch the full video of this session now.

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