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September 25, 2018 by Garrett Denney

Day-zero support for macOS Mojave, iOS 12, and tvOS 12 has arrived

Jamf Pro 10.7 and 10.7.1 offer immediate compatibility support — plus new key management features — for macOS Mojave, iOS 12 and tvOS 12. Get the details.

For over a decade, Jamf has offered day-zero support for all Apple releases, ensuring customers and end users can take advantage of new Apple technology as soon as they become available. Jamf Pro 10.7 and 10.7.1 continue this trend by offering compatibility support — plus new key management features — for macOS Mojave, iOS 12 and tvOS 12. This allows your organization to properly test workflows and when ready, upgrade with confidence to the new operating systems.

Jamf’s mission is to help organizations succeed with Apple, and supporting the latest and greatest operating systems from Apple is a monumental step in helping us and you achieve your goals. Jamf is proud to be the only Apple device management company to ensure day-zero compatibility and key feature support for Apple upgrades.

Here’s an overview of what’s new with Jamf Pro 10.7 and 10.7.1:

Compatibility for macOS Mojave, iOS 12 and tvOS 12

With support of the latest operating systems, you can safely and confidently use existing workflows for enrolling, managing and securing devices. Immediately enjoy the best that the fall operating systems offer — without interrupting any critical workflows or prohibiting users from being productive.

New management features in macOS Mojave, iOS 12 and tvOS 12

Prevent proximity-based password sharing requests, use OAuth for Exchange account authentication, and force Date & Time to be set automatically on iOS devices. Plus, you can now distribute tvOS apps in bulk via Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

User data protection in macOS Mojave

The Jamf management framework continues to work on macOS Mojave without interruptions in Jamf Pro 10.7.1. The new user data protections introduced in macOS Mojave will be supported by whitelisting the Jamf management framework automatically. Additional management functionality for Privacy Preference Policy Control will be available in a future release.

Managed Software Updates

Defer iOS and macOS updates for up to 90 days and even specify which iOS version to deploy once you choose to upgrade. This further allows you to manage the deployment of software and ensures users do not upgrade until you have fully tested. With additional control over the upgrade process, you can properly balance security needs with users’ desire to access new features.

Enhancement to Mac App Store app installation

Mac App Store apps now install via the device channel, no longer requiring a mobile device management-enabled user or active user session. This makes it easier for you to deploy apps from the Mac App Store.

Guidance for successful Apple OS upgrades

To ensure this OS upgrade season is your best one yet, we’ve put together resources that will make your macOS Mojave, iOS 12 and tvOS 12 updates go off without a hitch.

Learn everything you need to prepare for and implement your Apple OS updates.

With imaging no longer recommended, what’s an IT admin to do? Take a deep breath and…

Not already a Jamf customer, but want to give these new features a test run? Request a free trial of Jamf Pro today.

Garrett Denney
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