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JAMF Software and eSpark partner to bring a personalized learning experience to every student.
March 17, 2016 by Daniel Weber

Engage students with a personalized learning experience

To help educators address the unique learning needs of every student, JAMF Software partnered with eSpark to allow schools to automate app distribution based on the individualized learning needs of each and every student.

Apple is committed to transforming education. With an iPad, teachers and students gain direct and immediate access to a wealth of apps, books, and creative tools. The trick is to ensure students receive the right learning resources, at the right time, to help them progress and learn.

To aid educators in their goal of addressing the unique learning needs of every student, JAMF Software partnered with eSpark, a provider of differentiated learning through curated, education-focused iPad apps. This partnership combines eSpark’s unique learning technology with advanced mobile device management capabilities from JAMF Software’s Casper Suite, allowing schools to automate app distribution based on the individualized learning needs of each and every student.

Students with an advanced skill set will receive more challenging educational resources, ensuring they remain fully engaged and do not get off track out of boredom. For those students requiring a little extra help, they receive the learning apps that meet them where they are at in their understanding of the material. Once students complete their work on the apps they have been assigned, a new set of apps are made available. This allows students to move down their respective learning paths at a pace that is right for them.

Educational technology available for more students
In the coming months, Apple will release its new Shared iPad feature with iOS 9.3. Shared iPad will further help deliver a personalized learning experience by giving students an individualized learning experience on a shared device.

As the name suggests, Shared iPad allows students to share devices, but when they log in, they are greeted with their own apps and content—as if the device was their own. With the help of eSpark and the Casper Suite, apps can be delivered directly to the shared device and the students are given a sense of ownership over their education and Apple technology.

Keep an eye out for additional information on Shared iPad and discover how to best implement this new feature in your classrooms.

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