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May 17, 2017 by Tad Johnson

Enhance the customer experience with iPad and Single App Mode

Discover how you can utilize Single App Mode and turn an iPad into a self-service kiosk.

iPad has proven its value many times over by offering access to apps, websites and resources with a gorgeous display and intuitive touch interface. It’s one of the driving forces behind Apple’s presence in businesses and schools around the globe.

But what if you wanted to simplify the options on an iPad to one particular app to:

  • Allow customers to order food from the table at your restaurant
  • Streamline check-in for the visitors at your office or school
  • Empower shoppers to view a style book or fashion collection at your boutique

By providing a convenient self-service method for viewing and selecting services, businesses serve more customers and reduce wait times. So how do you simply and securely make this a reality?

With iPad, you can set your devices to Single App Mode and trust that only the app you've selected is shown. No troubleshooting or searching for the right app. No jokesters loading inappropriate content. And no need to reset or reconfigure the iPad at the end of the day.

Here's how it works:

1. A mobile device management (MDM) solution that supports Single App Mode is required. Both Jamf Now and Jamf Pro support Single App Mode.
2. Install the app you want to use for your kiosk, using your MDM service. Some examples:

  • MenuPad (for at-table food orders)
  • Envoy (to sign in office or school visitors)
  • Kiosk Pro (for displaying web content like a style book)

3. Configure Single App Mode using MDM. You can lock the iPad to a single app and disable features like the lock button, screen rotation or volume buttons.

In a few moments, the app will launch on the iPad and stay put. It's ready for use as a self-service kiosk! See for yourself.

Tad Johnson
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