How the Google Cloud Secure LDAP and Jamf integration works

What is Google Cloud Identity? What is Google Cloud Secure LDAP? How does the Google and Jamf integration work? Read this for answers.

October 25 2018 by

Daniel Weber

Ravi Kumar, Product Manager at Google Cloud, kicked off his Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) session by asking the audience to think about their enterprise directory, identity, applications and services.

He asked, “How can you bring in a modern identity management solution to secure these things, while also allowing employees to be their most productive?”

Enter Google Cloud Identity.

What is Google Cloud Identity?

Google Cloud Identity is an identity and access management platform that provides a single pane of glass view to manage users, devices and applications. Google Cloud Identity can be a part of G Suite or GCP, or a standalone product.

“The workspace has changed, traditional ways of doing things doesn’t help you achieve a modern workspace,” said Kumar. “With Cloud Identity, employees can be productive wherever they are on whatever device they choose.”

What is Secure LDAP?

Announced at Google Next London, Secure LDAP is Google Cloud Identity’s new solution for user syncing and authentication.

With Secure LDAP, nothing needs to be installed and this service brings identity to where organizations and their users are. This also helps organizations with their transition to the cloud.

Secure LDAP:

  • Enables authentication, authorization, and group/user lookups for LDAP-based apps and IT infrastructure.
  • No need for a sperate user directory, existing users in Google Cloud Identity or G Suite can authenticate.
  • Supports apps and infrastructure (LDAPS v3) hosted on premises and in the cloud (laaS).
  • No end-user change management required, application configuration only.

Secure LDAP will be available in the coming weeks.

Jamf is a Secure LDAP launch partner

Next, Kumar invited Jamf Developer Relations Manager, Brad Becker, to provide a demo of how Jamf Pro integrates with Google Cloud’s Secure LDAP service.

Joe Bloom, Jamf Senior Product Management Manager, also joined the stage and explained how the integration extends the value of Jamf Pro with tools that are central to organizations and users.

The Jamf and Secure LDAP integration:

  • Enables a trusted identity from workflows you need and tools you rely on.
  • Streamlines device setup to authenticate users (unified credentials).
  • Enhances scoping practices to customize user experiences.

To learn more about the Jamf and Google Cloud Secure LDAP integration, please read this blog.

Look for further information when the Secure LDAP service officially launches.

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