Education customers have their say about Jamf

At Bett 2023, we talked to customers going through a digital classroom transformation with Apple and Jamf. They shared their experiences and the steps they took to achieve a successful deployment and seamless device integration.

August 1 2023 by

Ivna O'Neill

Potential customers line up for more information at the Jamf booth at BETT 2023. A sign over a helpful Jamf staff member reads: Empowering Teachers.

Education is at the heart of Jamf’s mission.

Earlier this year, Jamf was at Bett 2023, the world’s leading education technology show. Over the course of three days, we welcomed educators and IT professionals to our dedicated area to chat about how our solutions are empowering more than 42 million students globally.

Customers in different stages from many places

Among the visitors to our stand at Bett were customers in different stages of their digital classroom transformation with Apple and Jamf. We talked to them about how Jamf is helping their schools create the ideal technological environment to safeguard students, facilitate deployment of Apple devices and keep data protected.

Managing and configuring student iPads with Jamf School

For the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, an education trust, Jamf has been an essential part of their deployment. With 20 schools to oversee, they are halfway through the first phase of implementing Jamf School.

“We are extremely happy with the quality of the product and the support and guidance from Jamf,” said Richard Anderton, Head of Digital Strategy at the trust.

Stéphane Thomassin, from Collège Saint-Joseph, explained how their journey with Jamf has developed since its inception four years ago. By attending a three-day training, staff at the school learned how to maximize Jamf’s MDM capabilities to manage and configure students’ tablets.

Expanding with Jamf Parent and Jamf Safe Internet

“As for today, we mainly have challenges to ensure security and manage the iPads at home,” said Thomassin.

To continue building on their success with Jamf, Collège Saint-Joseph began to test the Jamf Parent app and Jamf Safe Internet. “I’m pretty confident we will deploy them soon because the results and feedback are positive for iPad management at home by the parents,” said Thomassin.

Transforming iPads into fully-fledged learning and teaching tools with apps

Other customers were eager to share how they are moving from pure device management to solutions capable of simplifying teacher workload and making full use of Apple devices. By using apps such as Jamf Teacher, Jamf Student and Jamf Parent, schools can transform iPads into fully-fledged learning tools.

Damian Parker, Head of Faculty of Art Design & Technology at St Cyres School, was keen to discover the possibilities, so decided to get a Jamf certification. He learned so much getting the certification that it transformed his lesson planning and classroom management.

“I didn't realize I could pre-plan my lessons and get all the apps in line for my day,” said Parker. “Now what I'm finding is when students arrive my lesson is ready: I press start and as soon as they open their iPads – bang! They're straight into the apps I want them to use, no fuss, no wasting time and I'm just ready to teach as soon as they come in.”

Keeping students focused

Customers agreed that student focus was greatly improved after implementation of the apps. According to Matt Warne from RGS Worcester, a previous MDM tool could not deal with common issues like students messaging during class or spending time on games. Jamf has enabled the school to eradicate these problems, which allows their technology vision to come to life.

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