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November 22 2022 by

Kyle Schuler

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It’s another chaotic day managing the queue of help desk tickets, ensuring users have the apps they need to stay productive, and triaging hardware. You’ve just received a notification that your Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificate is due to expire in a week. It’s been nearly a year since it was renewed, and the process to do so is a little foggy, but you know it’s important that devices maintain communication with Jamf; allowing this certificate to expire could compromise everything with your devices.

At Jamf, we appreciate the value of providing context and the "why" around technology. Why is APNs so important? Why should we enforce secure passcodes? Why worry about chains of trust? For many of our users, these questions have been asked and answered, and that’s why we’re releasing Jamf Shorts, or Jorts. Jorts are succinct videos that bypass the "why" and jump right into the "how."

What are Jamf Shorts good for?

We’ve designed Jorts to demonstrate common tasks, relieve pain points and let you move on with your day. Need to renew that APNs certificate? See our "How to Renew a Push Certificate in Jamf Pro" video for a no-nonsense tutorial on how to do just that. In minutes, you can be confident the above scenario will be resolved and you can safely point your IT extinguisher toward the next fire.

Jamf Shorts are a new addition to our Jamf Training and Support YouTube channel, and we’re thrilled to provide tutorials that are to-the-point and can save you some searching. This quarter, we’re committed to providing token and certificate renewal videos to help you keep services active with Jamf Pro, Jamf Now and Jamf School. In 2023, you can expect regular releases on our YouTube channel for common workflows and troubleshooting.

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