Jamf Marketplace: Expanded solutions for Apple admins

In this JNUC 2022 session, Jayesh Makwana, Senior Solution Partner Manager, provides an overview of Jamf Marketplace and explains how it provides a space to expand Jamf solutions and enhance the combined value of Apple, Jamf and third-party products.

October 5 2022 by

Tim Herr

JNUC 2022 session: Jamf Marketplace - Expanded Solutions for Apple Admins

At Jamf, our Technical Partnerships and Alliances team searches for tools that work well in conjunction with Jamf solutions, creating IT efficiencies and automations. Ideally, these novel product combinations unlock new use cases for Apple devices. By facilitating partnerships with outside software vendors and expert users, we help the market understand the possibilities that exist with Apple, Jamf and third-party products.

Jamf Marketplace was launched at JNUC 2017 with the goal of creating a space where these kinds of value-added connections can be forged, and where users can discover the potential of extending and integrating Jamf solutions with third-party tools. It currently boasts over 250 listings and 220 reviews from our Jamf Nation user community. In addition to major enterprise solutions in the Microsoft and Google ecosystems, Jamf Marketplace features integrations with Slack, Okta, Workday and many, many more. In addition to industry tools, users can also find numerous integrations with solutions in the education (e.g., Explain Everything, Showbie) and healthcare (e.g., BeagleBoxx, Butterfly) verticals.

Technology types in Jamf Marketplace

When you visit Jamf Marketplace, you can find offerings divided into three types of technology for ease of browsing. These are:

  • Integrations – Integrations bring together multiple software titles to work as a collective system, using tools such as APIs, webhooks and data aggregation.
  • Configurations – Configurations allow Jamf to remotely deliver data to a managed device, which can be used by the app to customize the user experience or app behavior.
  • Deployment guides – This type of app/service provides a dedicated link or documentation with best practices and resources for proper Jamf deployment.

In order to facilitate connections like these, the Jamf Developers portal provides information to help create integrations for Jamf Pro, Jamf School and Jamf Connect. This includes information on API references, specific documentation on how to do things like populate dummy data, and plenty of tools that make it simple to figure out how to build a fully functional integration.

Listings we love

Makwana proceeds to give a few examples of Jamf Marketplace listings that have proven especially valuable for extending our solutions and helping Apple admins. These are:

  • Cisco SecureX – SecureX provides simplicity to integrate technologies for a unified ecosystem. The integration with Jamf allows visibility of managed devices to be correlated with other data sources. (iOS/iPadOS/macOS)
  • Carousel Digital Signage – This allows for the ability to increase communication, information and engagement independent of the setting, providing real-time updates with a click of a button. (iOS/iPadOS/tvOS)
  • Lana Health – Lana modernizes the patient experience at the bedside and beyond. Their patient engagement platform serves as an assistant to deliver patient-centered content no matter where they are. (iOS/iPadOS/tvOS)

Submit your own!

Are you interested in getting your own Jamf Marketplace listing? Visit this page for instructions on how to submit and guidelines relating to our submission process.

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