Jamf Protect Slack Alerts

Enable email alerts and notifications to be sent from Jamf Protect to Slack so you are always up to date on the health of your endpoints.

May 5 2021 by

Kelli Conlin

Hand holding iPhone that is receiving Slack notifications.

With Jamf Protect’s new RBAC functionality, admins can now email notifications when alerts are reported in the console. Jamf Protect will check your tenant every 30 seconds for new alerts. Depending on how many new alerts exist, emails will be formatted accordingly to display your alert information in the following ways:

  • 3 or fewer new alerts: Each alert and its information are displayed within individual tables.
  • 4 or more new alerts: Alerts are grouped, with their information compiled into a single table.

With this feature, admins are now also able to configure email alerts to be sent to a Slack channel of their choice, enabling real-time notifications of Apple security alerts.

Setting it all up:


  1. Select a channel or create a new channel for Jamf Protect Alerts
  2. In the channel, select “Channel Details”
  3. Click the “…” more button
  4. Select “Send emails to channel”
  5. Click “Get Email Address”
  6. Copy the email address that is generated
Screenshot of Slack channel created to capture alerts sent from Jamf Protect.
Screenshot of the unique email generated by Slack to receive Jamf Protect alerts.

Jamf Protect:

  1. Navigate to “Administrative” > “Account”
  2. Select the “Users” tab
  3. Select “+Create User”
  4. Paste the email address generated by Slack
  5. Under “Identity Provider” choose “None”
  6. Now “Groups” and “Roles” should be grayed out
  7. Check “Send Email Notifications” box
  8. Select “Save”
Screenshot of Jamf Protect console where a new user is created to rely email notifications to Slack.

Now when new alert emails are sent from Jamf Protect, you will receive the notification in Slack as well which contains a description of the alert, timestamp details, endpoint hostname and a link to the alert, as displayed in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of Slack notification, displaying all relevant details of the alert from Jamf Protect.

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