Jamf releases enhancements and delivers on community feature requests

Jamf Pro 10.23 is here and with it comes a feature directly from your requests.

July 27 2020 by

At Jamf, we listen closely to customer feedback and product enhancement recommendations. It’s a critical part of how we continuously enhance the user experience across the Jamf platform.

The Jamf Nation user community is an integral part of how we gather and monitor user feedback. Jamf Nation, an Apple community like no other, is the largest community of its kind at over 100,000 users, and one we are incredibly proud of.

One key feature we are excited to release today for mobility device management is the ability to enable computer policies to automatically retry a failed policy. This feature is a direct result of that feedback.

Retry Policies

With the Retry Policy feature, you can now configure a policy with the execution frequency of "Once per computer" to automatically re-run if it fails. The failed policy will attempt to reinstall until successful for the number of retries specified in the settings.

To enable this feature in Jamf Pro, navigate to Computers > Policies > General category and select the Automatically re-run policy on failure checkbox. In addition, you can also configure the following settings:

  • Retry Event—Configure if Jamf Pro re-runs the policy on the next recurring check-in or on the next selected trigger occurrence.
  • Retry Attempts—Configure how many times Jamf Pro attempts to re-run the policy after it fails.
  • Send notifications for each failed policy retry—Enable email notifications for each failed policy retry. Email notifications are sent to Jamf Pro users accounts with the "Error occurs when policy runs" notification event type enabled.

Using Jamf Pro, users can view how many retry attempts the policy has and the status of each attempt on the Jamf Pro Dashboard. This allows IT admins greater visibility into these events in an easier manner. Users can also view this information in the policy log and computer history (Policy Logs category).

Review our release notes for more information about this release or contact your Jamf Representative with questions.

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