I say setup, you say reset

Learn how a speech pathology clinic expanded the reach of their therapy for children and families with iPads and Apple device management including Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset.

October 3 2022 by

Laurie Mona

The Walker Scottish-Rite (WSR) Clinic at Maryville University in Missouri has provided free speech-language therapy for children with speech and language disorders for more than 30 years. WSR therapists use early identification and long-term therapy by training parents in techniques to use with their children at home.

In this JNUC 2022 presentation, Taylor Bell, Senior Instructional Technologist at Maryville University, discusses how the implementation of an iPad lending initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic made it possible to reach clients who didn’t have computers. Bell shares how they continue to serve new clients with the ease of zero-touch deployment with Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset.

Remote doesn’t have to mean disconnected

During COVID, the WSR Clinic faced the challenge of communicating with clients without being able to meet face-to-face. Because their clients are young children, they rely on their parents to get them to appointments.

The solution: providing clients with Jamf-managed iPads that are configured to their specific needs. The result: the ability to facilitate and enhance the session process with very little hands-on training.

With Jamf Setup, clients can start using an iPad as soon as it's received. The already configured device provides easy access to the Zoom app that connects patients with therapists via telepractice, and the speech apps they need for therapy. Because the devices are automatically managed with Jamf Setup, parents have the reassurance that children only have access to those items needed for therapy services.

Thanks to the Jamf Reset workflow, which provides a secure re-provisioning process that digitally sterilizes a device, the iPads are ready for new clients immediately after the previous client finished their therapy. There is no need to worry about prior patient data or settings persisting on the device.

Bell notes they are continuing this program because it has proven to be a game changer in expanding access and providing therapy for children and families who live too far away or don’t have reliable transportation. Providing the technology to get children connected right away leads to fewer cancellations, greater family involvement, more progress and, ultimately, better outcomes.

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