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JAMF Nation User Conference 2014 - Master Command Line Interface Basics

Master Command Line Interface Basics

The foundation was set as Brock Walters and Cameron Evjen walked through the fundamentals of command line and covered the need-to-know essentials of the OS X Terminal application, defining the shell, navigating the file system, understanding text editors, and even how to create simple scripts.

During the session, Brock and Cameron examined how to use the command line to automate Apple device management tasks and save time. Various tools, such as scripting applications and text editors, were outlined: shebangs, loops, chmod, chown, mkdir, sudo - all of the usual suspects were present. The importance of testing code was also emphasized and some horror stories were shared about running commands in a production environment without prior testing.

This session pulled back the curtain on some of the most powerful tools available to OS X administrators and how the Command Line Interface can be leveraged to increase the flexibility and scalability of technology management.

Watch the full video of this session now.