Nationalmuseum leverages technology to amplify the customer experience

The Apple experience is the art experience at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden.

September 9 2020 by

Kathryn Joy

Nationalmuseum is the leading museum of art and design in Sweden and a government authority directed with preserving, promoting, and educating the public in cultural heritage and art. And although the mission supports preservation and history, innovation and technology is at the forefront of shaping the museum’s success.

Visitors are immersed in collections paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints spanning the 16th - 20th centuries, and historical portraits from the 1400s to contemporary works. However, how visitors have interacted with the collections and the offerings of Nationalmuseum — architecturally and technologically — has been under constant revision and change; and it’s fair to say that the best is yet to come.

After a five-year renovation, Nationalmuseum reopened in 2018 with a new and improved architectural and technological experience. Visitors returning to Nationalmuseum not only had access to the new building and the collections of the museum, but also an abundance of experiences: temporary exhibitions, guided tours, lectures, seminars and other activities like family creative studios or a fine-dining experience. But beyond the experience provided to the museum’s visitors, Nationalmuseum is leveraging technology to expand visitors’ accessibility, education and enjoyment, as well as back-end staff and employee productivity and satisfaction.

Apple devices power the visitor and staff technology experience

Prior to the renovation closure, the museum had launched an app but was certain they wanted an improved system. Timed with the reopening, the museum expanded its device offering — available to rent by visitors — to 180 iPod touch devices, preloaded with their improved and interactive Nationalmuseum Visitor Guide app.

The museum offers site-wide Wi-Fi and device owners who do not need to rent an iPod touch are able to download either the iOS or the Android app to their own personal device. Last year alone, there were over 52,000 app downloads onto personal devices. No matter if a museum-owned or personal device is in hand, the visitor guide app has increased accessibility to technology and innovated the visitor experience.

To help manage the growing number of Apple devices, Jamf was implemented in 2018 as Nationalmuseum’s mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Although the IT team was not new to the world of MDM and had prior experience with other providers, they were certain that Jamf was the solution they needed. The transition to Jamf provided the speed, customization and efficiency that the organization required to fully empower the IT staff to manage their devices with their varying audiences and needs with just a few keystrokes and clicks.

Jamf’s cloud-based service that allows direct customization with instant application and responsiveness ensures that the end user, whether staff or visitor, enjoys the Apple experience that they know and love in their personal lives. Regardless of device type or location, they’re managed and protected by the central IT team.

Nationalmuseum’s experience extends beyond its doors

The museum’s collection was loaned out in traveling and temporary exhibitions, along with the Jamf-managed visitor guide devices. Because the IT administrators are able to manage this inventory, regardless of whether they are serving an on-site or off-site museum experience, Nationalmuseum can confidently leverage technology solutions to fulfill their mission while expanding access to the nation’s art, design and heritage.

Whether scrolling through the website or application to enjoy the virtual experience with the collections from anywhere or visiting a partnered location or museum with a traveling exhibition from the collection, technology is at the core of connecting people and art.

Modern technology brings art to the masses

Creating meaningful experiences between people and art is the ultimate marker of success, and technology and innovation continues to support the relevance and accessibility of museums and collections to the public. Nationalmuseum strives to make the museum as a meeting place valuable for both new and existing audiences from all walks of life.

With the collection’s expansive presence, the lens for contemporary perspectives on art, design and history encourages important exchanges on the human experience. Marrying the mission of Nationalmuseum with technology and visitor experience innovation, visitors can choose when and how they wish to have their own experience all from an Apple device.

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