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Digital security is vital to keep students, teachers and devices safe. However, Jamf's security offerings differ depending on the combination of devices and operating systems your school uses. Learn about Jamf Safe Internet, Jamf Protect for education, and how Jamf Connect integrates with both of them to create the best cybersecurity for your own school or district.

June 15 2023 by

Haddayr Copley-Woods

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What's the best way to secure devices for your school or district?

It can be overwhelming to face so many options for securing school networks and devices, and each school or district has its own variables. Do you use only Apple devices? Chromebook? Do you have a combination of, say, Chromebook and iPad?

Here are the nuts and bolts on what Jamf has to offer to keep students, teachers, administrators and devices safe and secure.

Transform device security for staff, educators and students.

Jamf offers two different endpoint security solutions to schools: Jamf Safe Internet and Jamf Protect for education. Both work with Jamf Connect for a secure, encrypted connection that further increases security.

Jamf Safe Internet provides safe, private connections for students.

Jamf Safe Internet combines best-in-class network threat prevention and a vast content-filtering database to block unsafe content and malicious attacks from malware or phishing. It's a simple interface that integrates seamlessly with Jamf School, meant to be easy and intuitive for everyone to use.

Jamf Safe Internet:

  • Protects end users against phishing, malware threats, and more

  • Enforces acceptable use policies

  • Provides robust content filtering across every app on a device

  • Ensures that students are protected with Google Safe Search and YouTube Restricted Mode, even when working independently or off-site

  • Offers heightened security without invading privacy

Jamf Protect is endpoint protection built exclusively for Apple.

Jamf Protect for education analyzes macOS system events and uses native Apple security tools to offer Apple-focused telemetry and on-device detections. With unparalleled visibility into Mac, iOS and iPad devices and real-time measurement against CIS benchmarks, organizations can improve their security postures. It's a solution meant for use by IT administration, with more customization and options than Jamf Safe Internet.

Jamf Protect:

  • Offers visibility into built-in macOS, iOS, and iPad security tools

  • Delivers real-time alerts to analyze activity and proactively respond

  • Audits against CIS benchmarks

  • Keeps students and staff secure without impacting the user experience

  • Integrates with your SIEM to provide insights into your Apple fleet

Which is best for our school? Do we need both?

This quick reference list can help you sort out what solutions fit your school's unique combination of hardware and software.

  Safe Internet Protect (Education)
School-specific security

Combines content filtering, phishing and malware protection

Yes No
Mac endpoint security

Prevents known Mac malware threats, detects and prevents other Mac-specific threats and streams endpoint telemetry

No Yes
iPad schools

Best for schools exclusively using iPad

Yes No
Non-MacBook schools

Best for iPad plus Chrome or, coming soon, Windows

Yes No
Best Mac protection

Combining Jamf Safe Internet with Jamf Protect is best for schools and districts using Mac computers and MacBooks

Yes Yes
Fully Jamf integrated

Full integration with Jamf Pro, Jamf School and Jamf Connect

Yes Yes

How does Jamf Connect fit into school security?

Jamf Connect offers an encrypted connection and allows for simple user provisioning through a cloud identity service with multi-factor authentication. Identity-based, it secures and encrypts connections regardless of where students and teachers access school materials.

Jamf Connect offers the flexibility to centrally and remotely manage users, groups and passwords. It’s fully compatible with both Jamf Safe Internet and Jamf Protect.

Test out Jamf Connect’s capabilities with a free trial.

Whether Jamf Safe Internet, Jamf Protect or combining both is best for your school or district, integrating these security solutions with Jamf Connect offers complete network and endpoint security that is vital for schools.

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