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April 8, 2021 by Gary Flavin

Self Service enhancements coming your way

See what's available now and what's on the horizon for your custom IT app store.

Jamf Self Service has and will continue to be a key component to the Jamf portfolio. By offering a one-stop-shop where you can populate essential resources, settings and apps, users are more empowered and just as importantly, IT can eliminate duplicate and common help tickets that bog days down.

To make Self Service more beneficial to IT and the users they support, we plan to iteratively ship releases so you can take immediate advantage of what’s been worked on.

Why are we refreshing Jamf Self Service

Space utilization
Self Service utilizes a majority of its canvas for non-essential functions and navigation. In fact at the base size, we are only using 49% of the screen for the content users are looking for, and we want to improve this.

Modernize the app while using Apple technology
In addition to offering a cleaner interface on the front end we are making advancements behind the scenes. We are hard at work updating and increasing accessibility throughout our app.

Admins are limited in defaulting users to one category
We want to give our admins the ability to provide a launching point where they are are able to give users easy access to featured items, quick links to explore categories and bookmarks.

We are listening!
We have been actively listening and want to fix requests for updates. These updates include fixing the branding image, allowing more space for description text of apps and the ability to delete notifications to name a few.

Jamf Pro 10.28 released on March 16, 2021 and included several Self Service updates:

  • Branding main header text has been expanded to support two lines of text. Additional character lengths will be expanded going from 16 to 48 characters.
  • Translucency will be included within the sidebar to give a blurring effect and to evoke a sense of depth.
  • Displaying of categories in the navigation bar in Self Service for macOS.

What’s next for Self Service?

We are creating a new page to give a proper landing page to users. Included with this new page are the following enhancements:

  • The branding image will scale properly with window size adjustments. Updated documentation will also assist admins to properly use this section.
  • Featured and Bookmarks sections give admins the ability to bring relevant content to the forefront.
  • This page is fully customizable and allows admins the ability to remove the branding image, featured and bookmarks sections if desired.

We are also working towards completely refactoring the description view. This revised approach will allow for more content space and go well above the 32% description real estate we are currently offering. In addition, bookmarks will also have the ability to have a description view.

As stated above, this is an iterative process but know that we have heard you loud and clear. Be on the lookout for future Self Service improvements!

6/16/20201 Update: As of Jamf Pro 10.30 released on June 15, 2021, we have updated all of the items outlined in the “What’s Next for Self Service” section above. As always, we will continue to improve Self Service and are excited to share new updates in the future.

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