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July 12, 2021 by Mike Lawrence

Join us for ‘Jamf’ Sessions: a summer learning series for educators

Jamf announces a series of #JamfEd summer learning opportunities for educators

This summer, Jamf has pulled together some extraordinary and inspiring voices to collaborate with educators. The series will begin July 14 and continue every Wednesday (with some HiEd Thursdays!) throughout the summer. Our focus for these 'Jamf Sessions' is to create an engaging learning opportunity for K-20 educators to learn, share and grow. The series' name is a play on 'Jam Sessions' in music or poetry circles, which are (of course) fun, collaborative and often impromptu. We hope to encourage the same lively engagement with our attendees and have chosen speakers to galvanize our educational customers and prepare them for the coming year.

After the past year and a half of COVID, we felt educators are in need of three key things: appreciation, inspiration and loads of resources, strategies and frameworks. In our development process, we were also inspired by Isabelle Hau’s insightful EdSurge article calling out the ‘Three-headed Crisis’ of education.

This article outlines three key areas in which students (and those that support them) are in need of support:

  1. Mental Health Crisis
  2. Empathy and Human Connection Crisis
  3. Creativity Crisis

We were astonished in reading this article, as it hits upon the key areas we’d focused on while developing our summer series.

Here’s the line-up - sign up for one, or follow the ‘tour’ all summer long!

July 21, 11am CT – All Aboard the Peace Train: How Storytelling Can Cultivate Compassionate & Creative Learners Who Will Help Bring the World to a Better Place

  • Peter H. Reynolds, Artist, Author
  • Dr. Emily Froese, Education Leadership Executive, Jamf
  • Mike Lawrence, Education Leadership Executive, Jamf & Apple Distinguished Educator

Watch New York Times best-selling author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds (The Dot, I Am Human, Be You, The Word Collector, Say Something) do a reading of Peace Train - his new storybook collaboration with Cat Stevens - and hear how storytelling - and creation - can lead to breakthrough moments in the classroom and in your personal life. Peter hopes that his stories, art, animated films and books about activating one’s creativity, and courage will leave his fellow kindred spirits inspired and recharged to realize their true potential - especially during this challenging time.

July 28, 12pm CT – Evolving Learner: Inquiry-Based Learning in Any Setting

  • Lainie Rowell, Innovative Learning Consultant, Author, Apple Distinguished Educator
  • Dr. Emily Froese, Education Leadership Executive, Jamf
  • Mike Lawrence, Education Leadership Executive, Jamf & Apple Distinguished Educator

How can we engage learners in a community of inquiry? The 3 Ds (Discover, Discuss, Demonstrate) learning model is designed to facilitate deeper learning, increase student motivation and nurture the social-emotional well-being of all. Presented by Jamf, the gold standard in Apple device management, learn how to create a learning environment that eliminates the ‘paradox of choice’ through Jamf Teacher. Join Lainie Rowell, Innovative Learning Consultant, to learn, share and grow!

​​​​​​August 4, 11am CT -THE GENIE DRAWS HIS POWER FROM THE BOTTLE: Post-Pandemic Pedagogy and Creative Constraints

  • Taylor Mali, poet, teacher, education advocate
  • Dr. Emily Froese, Education Leadership Executive, Jamf
  • Mike Lawrence, Education Leadership Executive, Jamf & Apple Distinguished Educator

Taylor Mali, a TED “Best of the Web” speaker, has done little more than write & perform poetry—and teach others to do the same—since 2000. His poems “are clear. They are almost always hysterically funny, often sentimental, appealing, accessible. And smart” (Bob Holman). He is a vocal advocate of teachers and the nobility of teaching, having taught in one capacity or another since 1990.

August 5, 11am CT – Digital Flagship: It's more than an iPad

  • Jessica Phillips, Interim Director of Digital Flagship, Office of Distance Education and eLearning, Ohio State University
  • Steven Angle, Senior Endpoint Engineer, Office of the CIO Customer Solutions, Ohio State University
  • Matt Woodruff, Business Development Executive, Jamf

A 1:1 iPad program is more than providing a device. It's about showing each student their university believes they have the potential to do great things and will invest in their success. Join Jessica Phillips, leader of The Ohio State University's Digital Flagship program, and Steve Angle, Senior Endpoint Engineer, for a discussion of how Digital Flagship has changed the landscape of the student experience. You'll hear about how infrastructure and buy-in was built leading up to the launch of the program, how various stakeholders were engaged, and how the student experience was centered in strategic planning at the onset. Now a few years in, Jessica and Steve will share what challenges were faced, what they'd do differently, what student impact has looked like (particularly during the pandemic), and how the focus on career readiness has led to expanded program offerings in Swift coding, app development, digital skills and creativity, and design thinking.

August 18, 11am CT – Engaging All Students and Staff with Transformative Learning Using Jamf

  • Chuck Langston, Director of Technology, Gordon County Schools & Apple Distinguished Educator
  • Javi Quiñones, Teacher 6th Grade Earth Science, Ashworth Middle School
  • Dr. Emily Froese, Education Leadership Executive, Jamf
  • Mike Lawrence, Education Leadership Executive, Jamf & Apple Distinguished Educator

Gordon County Schools seeks to build a collaborative culture that leads to growth, empowerment, and transformation for its students. Jamf School is a key driver of their success. Hear firsthand how they utilize Jamf School to achieve this success.

August 26, 11am CT – Secure the What? Protecting Macs in HiEd

  • Alvin L. Bridges III, Manager of Computer Operations, Mesa Community College, AZ
  • Matt Woodruff, Business Development Executive, Jamf

Join us for a journey to understanding this new world of rapidly increasing need to protect your institution against ransomware and malware. Every university and college is receiving notification from law enforcement that ransomware hitting higher education is on the rise, and everyone should be protecting their digital assets. Let’s talk about what you should do different to protect your Apple endpoints and verify students, faculty, and staff have the level of performance out of their Macs to complete research projects, school work, or administrative functions in the quickest possible way.

September 15, 11am CT - Secure Your Macs in the Hands of Learners

  • Brad Katz, ThD, Network Specialist, Arlington Heights School District 25
  • Matt Green, Systems Integration Coordinator, Lubbock-Cooper ISD
  • Matt Woodruff, Business Development Executive, Jamf

Join us for this insightful session exploring how to secure your district Macs while empowering learning for K12 students. Learn how expert educators have set up 1:1 environments successfully and securely to support immersive teaching and learning.

Jamf's own Matt Woodruff joins two educators: Brad Katz from Arlington Heights School District 25 and Matt Green from Lubbock-Cooper ISD for an engaging panel on K12 security.

We hope you can join us for one or more of these informative and engaging webinars, offered free for educators by Jamf - here to help organizations succeed with Apple.

*More details to be added for these Jamf Sessions. Follow the #JamfEd hashtag this summer for more information and registration links!

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Mike Lawrence
Mike is an award-winning teacher, administrator and educational leader and was previously recognized as an Apple Distinguished Educator, Class of 2003. He served as the CEO of CUE, expanding the nonprofit’s impact & helping the nonprofit grow fivefold in 12 years, served two terms on the ISTE board, and also directed the California Student Media Festival for a decade. He leads strategic learning and development initiatives worldwide at Jamf.
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