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October 5, 2022 by IT Glue

The future of IT documentation: Not just SOPs

How does your IT department manage documentation? IT Glue provides a powerful documentation tool that can be integrated directly with Jamf Pro, making your documentation workflows seamless.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “documentation”? For most people, it's SOPs and knowledge bases. However, documentation is a lot more than that. Think about everything you write down and reference in your IT infrastructure, whether it's IT asset information, user details, vendor security details or passwords – all of that is documentation.

Why consolidate your IT documentation?

Our vision at IT Glue is to get all your IT documentation in one place. Considering the possibility that most of your documentation is spread across multiple tools, this is an unusual concept by itself. But information sprawl comes with a price.

It creates the following gaps in your documentation:

  • Things that should be documented, aren't.
  • Your documentation is inaccurate or out of date.
  • Information gets documented later than it should be.
  • Your documentation isn't where you thought it was.

All these issues create problems in your IT infrastructure. Imagine the time your team has to spend trying to find information through chaotic documentation. This also makes audits more difficult, and you become more exposed to staff turnover.

Thankfully, this can all be overcome with smart documentation. One of the barriers to having quality documentation is buy-in. Besides building an award-winning documentation solution, we made documentation easy through automation. And we know what it takes to create a company culture that values documentation.

What does IT Glue do?

IT Glue can integrate with various tools in the market to help you automate your documentation process. For instance, you can integrate IT Glue with Jamf Pro and view all your device data in your documentation platform. In addition to accessing asset information like memory, disk, CPU and more directly through IT Glue, you can also relate your RMM data with other structured and procedural documentation within IT Glue.

IT Glue continues to be the leader in the documentation space due to the way we pay attention to your needs. The centralized access to information helps you streamline all business processes like resolving tickets, building client relationships and managing projects as efficiently as possible. IT Glue’s SOC 2-compliant documentation platform features an immutable audit trail, network discovery, diagramming and more.

Most importantly, we work with our partners to get them to the same place we are – a place where they love documentation.

To learn more about how IT Glue can help with your documentation needs, request a demo.

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