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February 21, 2018 by Daniel Weber

The hunger for Apple in the enterprise grows

See what's driving the growth of Mac in the workplace, and discover how you can best deploy, secure and manage the expanding number of Apple devices your organization must support.

When employees began bringing their personally-owned iPhone and iPad devices to work — starting the bring your own device (BYOD) movement — IT was left with no choice but to start supporting iOS. Fast-forward a few years later and that same user preference has turned Mac in to a real enterprise player.

“A lot of people say Apple is getting more focused on enterprise, but I believe Apple helped enterprise focus more on users and they’ve had more success," Jamf CEO Dean Hager recently told TechCrunch. “It started with Apple creating great products people wanted to bring to work and then they just demanded it.”

Management plays larger enterprise role
According to Susan Prescott, vice president of markets, apps and services at Apple, Apple engaged with businesses and IT early on to understand their needs, so they could add enterprise features with every major software release.

The move to make enterprise features more readily available attracted the attention of enterprise giants like IBM, SAP, Capital One, Cisco and GE, causing them to re-think the hardware they supported and offered employees.

The shift to focus more heavily on the user experience has not diminished IT’s role. In fact, it’s only increased it as organizations need better tools to deploy, secure and manage the ever-expanding number of Apple devices an organization must support.

As cited by a TechCrunch article, Jamf’s more than doubled customer count in the past 2.5 years is proof that Apple has firmly planted its foot in the enterprise ground.

Employee choice and you
Apple published several new business and employee-choice resources, referencing Jamf as one of its preferred Mac management solutions for choice implementations.

So, if you’re considering offering employees a choice in their technology or simply want to learn more about Mac in the enterprise, we can help.

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