Total Economic Impact of M1 Mac in the Enterprise

In July 2021, Apple commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact Study to assess the impact of M1 chip-enabled Mac in the enterprise. Here are the results.

August 12 2021 by

Kathryn Joy

This assessment was made to evaluate the impact that Mac with M1 processors has on the enterprise landscape and ROI potential.

You can read the full study here, but here are our key takeaways:

Mac directly impacts IT efficiency.

Battery life, device performance and security set Mac apart in your enterprise fleet. The M1 chip is directly responsible for the innovations that are changing the enterprise landscape. Organizations are able to deploy more Macs to employees who ask for Apple, improving employee engagement and retention while prioritizing cost, security and reliability of their hardware.

ROI is real.

According to the study, Mac saves enterprise organizations $843 in an average three-year device lifecycle. This data point was comprised from the savings in M1 IT support costs plus reduced costs in deploying Mac hardware and software compared to PC. Specifically, organizations saw savings of $12.4 million in IT support costs within this same three-year period over PC. And, since PCs historically have been the primary enterprise device, this cost-savings statistic is crucial: in a three-year period, the differential between Mac and PC for reduced and avoided deployment cost is $37.5 million dollars ($207.75 less per Mac than PC).

When considering the upfront cost and investment in deploying hardware, customer interviews and financial analysis in the study found that a composite organization experiences benefits of $131.4 million over three years versus costs of $30.1 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $101.3 million and an ROI of 336%.

We’ll say it again — ROI is real.

Security, security, security.

According to the study, the risk of data breaches on an enterprise device is 50% less per M1 Mac deployed. Of course, there are also purpose-built, Apple-dedicated security solutions that expand on the native Apple security stance to protect your enterprise and users, too.

User improvements are key.

With hardware that is easier to deploy to end users as well as manage and secure for your enterprise needs — and with greater performance and fewer maintenance costs — it’s clear that enterprises benefit from the ease of zero-touch deployment and Apple-focused mobile device management (MDM) while reaping the benefits of happy, productive and successful employees. In this assessment, employee retention was measured to be 20% higher and productivity 5% greater than non-Mac users.

M1 is making the most efficient computer even better and a leader in the enterprise.

For enterprises, the point is simple. Mac as your enterprise hardware means happier and better workers, time and cost savings, and a greater security position. Mac in the enterprise just makes dollars and cents/sense.

To maximize M1 initiatives, organizations should not only leverage an MDM solution but also embrace Apple Enterprise Management for their complete enterprise needs.

The reasons to offer employees their choice in hardware continue to grow, and kudos to Apple for making this point indisputable.

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