5 key learnings of Apple device deployment

Running an Apple device deployment can involve challenges, but this webinar can improve your workflow with 5 dos and dont’s to remove friction from your deployment.

August 4 2021 by

Tim Herr

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When you have an Apple device deployment to conduct, it’s comforting to know that Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager are optimized to make the process transparent and easy. Jamf integrates with Apple Automated Device Enrollment, formerly Device Enrollment Program (DEP), to make it simple to automatically enroll and configure your organization’s Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV devices. You can use Jamf in conjunction with Apple zero-touch deployment to go beyond the standard capabilities of mobile device management (MDM) software and give your end users exactly what they need from their devices, right out of the box.

But even with the support that Jamf and Apple provide, running an Apple device deployment presents plenty of opportunities to get tripped up if you don’t plan for success. That’s why we put together a useful webinar, 5 Dos and Don’ts of Device Deployments, to help you anticipate problems and understand how to prevent or mitigate them. Follow these simple guidelines for your next zero-touch deployment.

Key learnings and resources for Apple device deployment

This webinar presents a checklist of actions to take or avoid, providing a helpful foundation for picking up device enrollment best practices and establishing good habits from the beginning of your journey. In addition to widely applicable guidelines for how to approach the enrollment process, it provides concrete information on such topics as:

  • Where to enroll with Apple for automated device enrollment and volume purchasing
  • Software that helps applications not designed for compatibility with the Apple M1 processor to run smoothly
  • A command-line tool to help you erase device content and settings for redeployment
  • How to ensure that your MDMs don’t fight over control of the same Volume Purchase Program (VPP) token

Without going into full descriptions of all 10 (actually 11!) pointers given in the webinar, here is a sampling of five key learnings that can help you to avoid roadblocks and eliminate friction from your deployment workflows:

  1. Generate a software list – Determine what applications your users will need ahead of time, along with the extensions that they may be prompted to run. This way you can circumvent annoying installation and permissions requests and eliminate the potential for users to refuse important ones.
  2. Establish your security requirements – Ensure that each device is secure from the moment a user turns it on, using measures such as FileVault encryption, passcode requirements and screensaver settings.
  3. Take your time – Be deliberate in your deployment planning and resist pressure to get devices out the door as quickly as possible. Build out the appropriate workflows and bear in mind that you will lose more time fixing mistakes than preventing them.
  4. Provide training opportunities – Apple technology is renowned for being user-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that your users will know exactly what they’re doing. Take care to schedule an orientation or provide a self-service training option so users can learn to understand the device.
  5. Test, test, test! – Test your deployments from start to finish, with attention to different hardware and OS versions. Start with a small staging group and scale-up, test every update and process change and find someone else to test your workflow.

More Jamf resources for zero-touch deployment of Apple devices

If the webinar leaves you wanting more, take a look at some of our other resources and services related to MDM and deployment:

Even with the kind of sound guidance contained in this video, Apple device deployment presents a wide range of challenges. Don’t forget that Jamf wants you and your organization to succeed, and we provide a variety of services to that end. Take advantage of our on-location and remote assistance to customize your software to its unique environment; enroll in training and certification sessions to make sure you’re getting the most out of our products; and enjoy 24/7 technical support with our global call center network.

And we’re not the only ones available to help you with Jamf products! Over 100,000 users come together to form Jamf Nation, our online customer forum. The massive scope and depth of experience found in this community make it an incredible resource for asking questions and exploring best practices. We’re nothing without our customers, and leveraging their real-world expertise is critical to ensuring that we’re giving you the best user experience possible. Sign up for your free Jamf Nation account today to start engaging and learning.

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