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February 13, 2018 by Nick Thompson

What’s new in Jamf Pro 10.2

See how Jamf Pro 10.2 expands on the patch management framework by adding support for external patch sources.

The new release of Jamf Pro expands on the patch management framework by adding support for external patch sources. You can now leverage patch reporting, patch notifications and patch policies for any third-party or in-house software titles hosted on an external source. Keep all your third-party software up to date and secure with both Jamf-managed and external patch sources.

In addition to the patch management enhancements, there is support for new user fields in Apple School Manager to sync back to Jamf Pro for improved user matching, a new DNS Proxy payload for iOS that enables Cisco Security Connector integration, and the new Approved Kernel Extensions payload for macOS.

Patch external sources: Jamf Pro can monitor 50+ common software titles, but sometimes there are less commonly used titles or even internal software titles that you may want to track. With Jamf Pro 10.2, you can now take advantage of the patch policy framework by adding external sources for patches. Set up your own patch server or subscribe to an open-source one to track any software you’d like to keep current with powerful patch policies. Check out the Jamf Marketplace for an open-source solution to help you set up your own patch server.

(Diagram of the patch management framework)

New security profiles: A new DNS Proxy payload for iOS, and the new Approved Kernel Extensions payload for macOS help add additional security options for you when managing Apple products. The DNS Proxy allows you to deploy and configure the Cisco Security Connector, which helps extend security and privacy to iOS devices on corporate Cisco networks. Approved kernel extensions will allow you to specify which Team IDs and specific kernel extension Bundle IDs are allowed to load and run on your managed Macs.

Additional improvements: Jamf Pro continues to add additional improvements designed to make IT admins and end users’ experience even better. New Apple School Manager fields now sync with Jamf Pro. Email alerts can be configured for when apps are removed from the App Store. The Microsoft Intune integration is improved with additional reporting features. And, the end user experience is enhanced in Self Service with the ability to sort items alphabetically or by the featured view.

To learn more about the Jamf Pro 10.2 release, please review the release notes: http://docs.jamf.com/10.2.0/jamf-pro/release-notes/What's_New.html

Nick Thompson
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