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Discover the benefits of Apple's iBeacons and the Casper Suite

Working with iBeacons and the Casper Suite

Posted in: Casper Suite, Jamf Pro

Through his experiences with Apple’s iBeacon technology and the Casper Suite, David Acland is a knowledgeable resource to explain what iBeacons are, how they work, and why an organization would want to use them.

In his recent blog post, he walks us through the setup process and benefits of implementing iBeacons.

You’ll learn:

  • The technical aspects of iBeacons
  • What you can do with iBeacons and the Casper Suite
  • How to set up the JAMF Software Server (JSS) with iBeacons
  • Use cases for iBeacons

Read Mr. Acland’s full blog post to learn about the ease and uses of iBeacons.