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February 19, 2020 by Katie English

2020 JNUC session proposals now open

Have a story of Apple and Jamf success that you want to share at the 2020 Jamf Nation User Conference? Let us hear it!

It may be in a new city, but it’s the same awesome event. For the first time, the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) is headed to San Diego from September 29 to October 1, 2020.

As we've done for the past ten years, we're inviting you to come and tell your story as a JNUC presenter. If you’re interested, we’d love to showcase your hard work and tale of empowering users with the Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV experience they crave.

Already know you want to submit a session idea?

Want a little prompting before you submit?

You've solved problems for your organization, helped countless users be more productive and likely built custom apps, scripts, tools or workflows to get the job done. Plenty of other admins face similar obstacles, and can learn from your expertise. We welcome presenters of all skill levels, all technical proficiencies and all industry specialties. In short: You have something new to share, and we can't wait to hear it!

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You rolled out a new employee-choice program
  • Your Apple deployment grew in scale and complexity
  • You encountered a legal or regulatory change that required updated reporting
  • You leveraged Jamf and [fill in tool] to achieve your goals
  • You standardized documentation to further empower internal teams
  • You hired many new employees and streamlined your onboarding experience in the process

Yeah, you’re a prime candidate to present.

Go back to the basics

Since new and long-established Jamf customers will be in attendance, your session can start as early as your Jamf implementation. The rapid growth of the Apple admin community means we have a lot of new colleagues who can benefit from best practice guidance, helpful hints and mistakes to avoid. We welcome your how-tos, your hard-earned insight and your tips for success, such as:

  • Automation: Leveraging Jamf to reduce manual admin intervention
  • Flexibility: Tasks you’ve tackled with profiles, policies, scripts and/or packages
  • Awareness: Workflows, tools, commands and resources that lead to success

Take attendees on a deep dive

After being an Apple admin for some time, you pick up specialties. Do you have expertise in endpoint security? Log management? Conditional access? Patching? We welcome advanced content demonstrating the synthesis of Jamf and all of the other tools you use. Some suggested themes:

Identity: You're moving from legacy LDAP, and you're rolling out Jamf Connect. You've updated your deployments to use single sign-on (SSO), and you're leveraging Enrollment Customizations and packages to keep automated deployments on rails. You're finding ways to shorten the distance between cloud and client. Tell us how you ensure the right people have access to the right resources.

Security: While Apple continues to innovate in user privacy and client security, admins have to keep up to ensure their organizational data remains safe. That means working with certificates, tokens and smart cards, but taking care to preserve the end-user experience. How has Jamf Protect changed the landscape of security in your organization? What data have you imported to your SIEM to monitor risks in real time?

Integration: Between our deep developer partnerships and the outstanding open-source community, there are plenty of ways to add functionality to your Jamf infrastructure. You've found unique solutions to common problems, and you've connected the dots between disparate systems. Maybe you've even contributed to the growing library of Application & Custom Settings content for other admins — tell us why and how!

Show them the onward and upward way

Maybe your company has expanded this year, or it's acquired another company. Growth always offers opportunities to improve and streamline deployments, but sometimes it doesn't go very smoothly. What have you learned about merging organizational resources? How has your infrastructure changed over time? What strategies can you recommend for other admins?

And you might not work at a Fortune 5 or the largest Apple deployment in the world, but if you've had to build workflows at scale, you know how to make them efficient and effective. We'd love to know more about how you scope, deploy, maintain, report and localize your clients — at a single site or on a global scale.

Share your education technology triumphs

Do you help teachers succeed with Apple technology in the classroom? Do you help students practice responsible computing? We want to hear all about how you empower educators and balance the challenges of security, student privacy and instructional needs.

Tell us about your innovative outcomes with Apple Classroom and Schoolwork, alongside Jamf School or Jamf Pro. And don't forget about implementing Managed Apple IDs, the success you've had with Shared devices, and how you manage those standardized exams.

We’ll help you shine on stage

We'll make sure you have the resources and practice you need to succeed, and we have Jamfs at the ready to team up with you and help make the experience amazing. You'll find that the JNUC audience is welcoming and supportive, eager to listen to everything you have to share.

How to join the party

The first step is to decide on the story you want to tell, then visit the submission form to send it our way. If you have any questions, we're always happy to help you through the process.

Our call for proposals will be open until May 29, but we encourage you to send in your ideas sooner rather than later. If you have a couple great ideas, send them both and we'll help you refine the best one.

We'll do our best to sort through the submissions and let you know if you've been accepted prior to the ticket price increase on July 9.

Once we've got our speaker list set, we'll ask you to send in your presentations early, and to do a trial run with a couple of Jamfs ahead of the big event. We'll offer peer review and advice for your content to make sure you're totally prepared and ready to rock the stage.

We're so excited to see the awesome ideas of the Apple community, and we're looking forward to seeing you in San Diego for the 2020 Jamf Nation User Conference!

Katie English
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