App installers just leveled up.

App installers, already an indispensable tool for Apple admins to automate and streamline deployment and updates of third-party apps, has added new functionality Jamf Nation has been clamoring for: deployment via Self Service and end-user notification customization.

June 13 2023 by

Haddayr Copley-Woods

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What is ‘App Installers’?

Part of the Jamf App Catalog, App Installers is a curated collection of Jamf-managed and Jamf-provided installer packages that automate and streamline updating and deploying third-party apps. Jamf Pro automatically sources these packages from vendors, repackages them if necessary, and updates and deploys these titles to designated Mac machines in a Smart Group.

App Installers:

  • Saves admins time
  • Ensures that end users always get the latest and updated version of apps
  • Increases security by always keeping apps up-to-date

App Installers increases visibility into the status of all App Installer deployments in an environment, and Jamf continues to expand our list of available titles. Learn more from our App Installers blog post.

New to App Installers

  • End user experience improvements with new notifications
  • Ability to force-quit grace period: choose how many minutes the user has to save work and close the app before the app force-quits to complete the update
  • Custom “Update Complete” message
  • Automatic start of app after update

App Installers via Self Service Catalog

This has been the most requested feature update since we launched App Installers in Jamf Pro 10.37. You asked, and we answered!

When distributing software titles from the Jamf App Catalog, Apple admins can now choose to deploy via a Smart Group and make the app available in Self Service for end users to install when they are ready.

After installation, the app automatically updates when a new version is available in the Jamf App Catalog without the user having to perform any additional action.

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