Holistic approach to security blog series: integrated digital security

This blog series covers how every aspect of device management: from inventory management to zero-touch deployment, can shore up (or tear down) your organization's security posture.

December 28 2022 by

Haddayr Copley-Woods

Security needs all of the pieces working together: a fort with a moat, high walls, and portcullis.

Apple security at work involves more than simply 'security.'

When many people think about cybersecurity, they think of malware protection, secure connections and perhaps behavior analysis. But it's so much more than that.

Each touchpoint in your device-related workflow and in your data policies can make an enormous difference in the security of your corporate data, devices and employees. The blog series "A holistic approach to security" shows exactly how every piece of your digital management affects security.

And if you're wondering how to implement some of these security measures, our series also suggests Jamf solutions that can help.

Trusted Access

Your security framework is missing a vital piece without a secure way of connecting staff to organizational tools and data, from anywhere they work: Trusted Access.

"Organizations need to be able to trust employees to be productive, to work from anywhere and to do so from the devices they feel most comfortable with to do their absolute best, right? But that must all be balanced against the very real-world (and sadly growing) need to keep devices, users and sensitive data protected and secured against risks and threats . . ." Read more about how Trusted Access can protect your organization's data.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

What does MDM have to do with security? Plenty. Automation protects against human error that might leave security gaps, access configurations and policy enforcement keep data and software secure— and patch management can make or break a security posture.

"Effective mobile device management can transform an organization from a haphazard conglomeration of various security levels, updates and encryption statuses to a buttoned-up, well-oiled machine. MDMs allow your organization to automate standard updates, permissions and configuration requirements. This leaves very few openings for hackers to take advantage of." Read more about how MDM is a basic building block for tighter security.

Threat prevention and remediation

Threat prevention and remediation is more straightforwardly linked to security— but did you know that the three main aspects involved —detection, prevention and remediation— are available in one solution?

"It’s 10pm, do you know where your endpoints are? The question is posited to ascertain if you know the status of the security of your Apple endpoints. More importantly, can you verify that your endpoints are indeed protected against the variety of threats targeting the Apple ecosystem within today’s modern threat landscape?" Read more about how Jamf can help with solutions covering all aspects of threat prevention and remediation.

Zero-touch deployment

Zero-touch deployment is how a single administrator, using Apple Business Manager and Managed Apple ID can equip and secure dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices. Sure, you might say. It's useful and time-saving, especially in the hybrid/remote era. But how does it affect security?

"As organizations increasingly adopt remote and hybrid work structures, their cloud security has become more complex by necessity. Using zero-touch deployment to automate updates, patches, encryptions, user IDs and more removes the chance of user error. It pushes security updates and permissions, integrations with managed ID and access vendors and apps directly to an entire fleet as soon as it’s available." Read more about how zero-touch deployment can keep your devices safe.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

ZTNA provides modern threat landscape protection to your entire fleet of macOS, iOS/iPadOS, Android and Windows endpoints. It restricts access to corporate resources by default and requires user authentication and device and app verification before allowing access.

And it's indispensable for any modern organization.

"The aim (of ZTNA) is to let the right requests through (authorized users and devices) while restricting access to all others (unauthorized users and unknown/compromised devices). Other solutions only begin to scratch the surface of the modern threat landscape challenges that ZNTA was designed to address. In redesigning the approach to remote connection security, ZTNA expands on the protection introduced by legacy VPN." Read more about how ZTNA addresses modern data security needs.

App management

App management manages apps from purchase to deployment. Proper app management updates and manages patches, vets apps for safety and controls who has access to what apps. Automated app management is another key component in your security structure.

"Keeping track of which apps are safe, which devices need updates, which apps need patching and who is using what app is simply too large and complex of a job to leave open to human error or memory. Automated checks for updates and patches around the clock mean no one will forget to check because their kid was sick with the flu that morning. Automated and zero-touch deployments mean that every device, no matter where it is located, receives updates the instant they are available, closing possible loopholes." Read more about how automated application management keeps everyone more secure.

Mobile endpoint protection and Mac endpoint protection

Endpoint protection is what most people think of when they think of cybersecurity for a good reason, and you can see it right in the name. Put simply, endpoint protection minimizes risk from known and unknown threats like malware and potentially unwanted apps. The best endpoint security solutions, such as those made by Jamf, offer comprehensive threat prevention and remediation without compromising security, privacy or performance.

"Alas, it’s a brave new world that includes a whole slew of threats and attacks that impact the security of your endpoint– regardless of whether users are at the office or home, connected to any network, or on macOS, iOS, Android or Windows. While malicious code is still very much a thing to be wary of, there are some security challenges that have evolved." Read more to discover what new security challenges modern endpoint protection can mitigate.

Inventory management

Yes, really. Even a business process as simple as inventory management plays a part in keeping your organization secure.

"Inventory management is not simply tracking your organization's devices. It's more than that. Inventory management is responsible for ensuring that the right people have the right devices and the right tools to do their jobs effectively. And it's ensuring that these people, these devices, and your organization's data are always within reach and within your control." Read more about how inventory management affects security.

Self Service

Self Service from Jamf is a curated app catalog— a powerful way to manage and secure third-party apps. It's also a powerful security tool in guarding against third-party app breaches.

"There are many ways that an organization's network and data can be compromised; one of the most risky is third parties. According to a September 2022 study by the Ponemon Institute, 59 percent of respondents reported third-party vendors have caused a data breach at their companies." See how Self Service can mitigate risk from third-party apps.

Identity and access management

Identity-based access is one of the cornerstones of modern cybersecurity. Modern work environments require changes to IT infrastructure for users to remain safe while being productive, and that's where Identity and access management comes in.

"Effectively protecting resources from the modern-day threat landscape means more than just a strong password. While that’s still important no doubt, . . . nearly a third of organizations will experience at least one authorized user falling victim to a phishing attack. This means that regardless of the relative strength of the affected user’s password or which password policies are implemented to limit password weakness – neither of these practices will do anything to prevent unauthorized access if the user simply hands over their credentials." Read more about how identity and access management can protect your users and your sensitive data.

Learn about Jamf's integration with Okta AI identity threat protection.

Content filtering and safe internet

Content filtering is sometimes part of an organization's legal obligation, such as with public schools in the U.S. It is also a good idea to block access to known malware sites and other untrustworthy places. But balancing security with a respect for personal privacy can be challenging. It's easier with Jamf.

"Are your users safe on the internet? Whether working on important job-related tasks or taking part in a collaborative team learning effort – online access to critical resources is at the heart of productivity. Counting on websites or ISPs to police their own content or filter out the unwanted bad stuff isn’t the answer." Learn more about how content filtering and safe internet can keep users —and your data— safer.

Visibility and compliance

Compliance isn't just about adhering to legal and ethical requirements in your field. It's also about setting procedures, policies and configurations in place to ensure that your data remains secure and your users remain secure. But how can you enforce compliance without visibility into which device (or user) is doing what?

"The symbiotic relationship between visibility and compliance is a delicate, yet powerful one if managed properly. With the proper tooling, organizations can not only deploy secured configurations and roll out policies to enforce secure baselines, but they can also gain deep visibility into each endpoint to verify that each device is operating in alignment with company policies and complying with regulatory requirements." Learn more about how important visibility is for compliance and security.

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