Learn how Apple technology for higher education supports success

Learn how higher education institutions can leverage Apple to create engaging learning environments and overcome deployment and device management challenges.

July 20 2021 by

Evan O'Malley

Even though campuses and learning environments differ among higher education institutions, the core pillar of all of them remains the same — to create an effective, yet engaging learning environment for each and every student. By making the right technology decisions, it’s easier for institutions to accommodate enhanced programs like study abroad experiences and field research opportunities for students, more intuitive curriculum management for instructors and all while simplifying management and security workflows for IT.

In our recently published e-book, Apple Educational Technology Essentials for Higher Education, we provide technology essentials for Apple and Mac in higher education that your institution can leverage to create the best ecosystem for all of your users — from faculty and staff to students and IT administrators.

So why is Apple the best choice for the long-term success of your educational technology programs? While upfront costs of Apple hardware can be more expensive than competitors, the pendulum quickly swings when looking beyond initial purchase price. Download our e-book to get the full details on the functionalities that place Apple at the top of the class. Apple is the ideal choice for education and Jamf is the ideal choice for Apple. Why is this duo so powerful?

Whether you’re supporting a department, a college, a full university system or even a 1-to-1 iPad program, you need the right ideas, people and technology in that order. With Jamf Pro or Jamf School as your higher education solution, you can efficiently and effectively address your endless inventory, security and varying department needs while empowering faculty and staff to focus on their mission of research and teaching.

From it’s cloud-based infrastructure, extensible deployment workflows with configuration profiles, policies, custom scripts and much more, by uniting the power of Apple and Jamf, institutions are able to support unique experiences for students, like study abroad programs or field research, while also supporting the needs of faculty and creating a stress-free environment for IT.

The popularity of Apple devices is also fueling its adoption rate among educational institutions and is directly linked to the growth of security incidents aimed specifically at Apple devices and their users. Navigating complex IT systems to secure student and faculty information, both on and off campus, is a challenge. But it’s not impossible.

Did you know?

  • 35% of all security breaches take place in higher ed
  • It costs a university an average of $300 to recover a single compromised record.*

Source: http://betanews.com/2014/12/17/35-percent-of-all-security-breaches-take-place-in-higher-education/

Jamf Pro paired with the power of Jamf Protect — the purpose-built Apple security solution — supports IT and information security teams monitor, detect and remediate malware and Apple-specific threats with minimal impact on devices and end users. Learn about the ways Jamf can create a more secure educational environment without bogging down the exceptional experience Apple is known for.

Curious to see Jamf in action at other higher education facilities? For example, Oxford University maintains exceptionally high standards for its students’ education. But with their rapidly growing number of Apple devices, ensuring they have a reliable way to support, manage and protect their fleet is essential. Check out how Jamf helps them rise to the challenge of keeping the oldest university in the English-speaking world on the cutting edge by reading their full case study.

Discover all of the educational essentials you need to succeed, as well as how other universities and colleges are utilizing Jamf in 1-to-1 iPad programs and other Apple devices to power their future of learning.

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