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Using a stylus pen to take notes digitally on an iPad managed by Jamf.
November 20, 2023 by Jack Gerrard

Transform information management: 5 reasons to switch to digital paper

Modernize note-taking for your teams with digital paper. Increase your productivity with Goodnotes on iPads managed by Jamf.

Still using paper notebooks at your company?

Companies are increasingly making the switch to digital paper and transforming note-taking into a modern and efficient experience.

What is digital paper?

Goodnotes is the world’s leading digital note-taking app, designed for iPad and Apple Pencil, and also available on iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows.

Goodnotes replicates the experience of writing on paper, allowing users to use a stylus to write, draw, annotate directly on screen and organize their thoughts into digital paper.

Here’s how replacing paper notebooks with digital paper can immediately increase your team’s productivity, collaboration and ease of access to information.

1. Improved note management: never lose your notes again.

Powerful organizational features eliminate the risk of losing important information. With iCloud sync, your notes are securely backed up and seamlessly accessible across all your devices. The ability to search handwritten notes makes it effortless to locate specific details while organizing notes into folders and bookmarking pages ensures easy retrieval and efficient information management.

All together, that means that when you make the switch, you ensure that your team can find any note in seconds.

2. Dynamic note-taking: easily create information-rich notes.

Capture information-rich notes with tools that combine media. For example, Goodnotes allows you to type and handwrite notes on the same page, meaning you can easily draw a diagram to accompany an idea, or insert an image or link to a video to give more context to the topic at hand.

Built-in shape recognition technology also enables you to draw perfect shapes and straight lines. Creating mind maps, charts, diagrams and wireframes becomes a breeze, making it quick to organize complex ideas into shareable visuals.

You can also import .pdfs and PowerPoint slides to annotate or write directly on them with your iPad, which means saying goodbye to clunky laptop .pdf readers.

3. Seamless collaboration: easily share, collaborate and present your notes.

Easily share and collaborate on notes and documents with iCloud sync. Multiple team members can provide valuable input and feedback on the same document from their own iPads, by using familiar features like link-sharing and commenting. Unlike traditional paper notebooks, Goodnotes notes are created to be shared easily, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Notebooks are also presentation-ready, so you can easily present from Goodnotes via AirPlay or an HDMI cable, which hides your toolbar and gives you access to a laser pointer.

4. Streamlined information retrieval: notes are always at your fingertips.

Access your documents and notes wherever you go. With iCloud sync, whether using an iPhone on the go or a MacBook at the desk, Goodnotes provides easy access to your notes anytime, anywhere. The app syncs across all your devices, ensuring information is always at hand wherever you are.

With the option to annotate, share with colleagues and collaborate all in one place, you can remove the need for alternative apps like .pdf editors and complete all your work in one singular app.

5. Stay in control: easy implementation with Jamf.

If you’re already using Jamf for your Mobile Device Management (MDM), implementation is as simple as inputting your license key into Jamf.

By centralizing app management within the Jamf ecosystem, IT administrators gain greater control and visibility over app usage, licensing and updates. You can ensure the deployment of the latest version of Goodnotes and efficiently manage licenses across your organization, optimizing app usage and reducing administrative overhead.

IT administrators can:

  • Deploy Goodnotes to all managed devices with just one click
  • Troubleshoot, reconfigure or adjust settings remotely
  • Customize which features are available—some companies prefer to turn off iCloud sync or disable the in-app Marketplace

All you need to get started is to purchase your licenses with Goodnotes and install the key with Jamf Pro.

Empower your organization with Goodnotes’ award-winning digital paper.

Jamf users can now easily access and deploy GoodNotes to their managed iPads, enabling their teams to take digital notes, annotate documents and to collaborate effortlessly.

Check out Goodnotes in the Jamf Marketplace.

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