Going all in with Apple

Hear from co-founder Chip Pearson on why JAMF Software chose Apple when the safer bet pointed to Windows.

February 11 2016 by

Daniel Weber

Read why JAMF Software chose Apple over Windows.

Apple’s continued growth has caught the attention of IDG Connect, and as a management software provider focused exclusively on the Apple platform, JAMF Software has fallen under their watchful eye as well. As such, IDG has named JAMF Software one of their 20 Red-Hot, Pre-IPO Companies in 2016 B2B Tech.

JAMF Software co-founder, Chip Pearson, recently sat down with IDG to discuss humble beginnings, recent successes, and a roll of the dice that paid off.

“We started before anyone saw the success of Apple coming,” said Pearson. “If you were going to put money into tech, you’d have put it into Windows first, Linux second, and Apple only third.”

Luckily, for the ever-expanding number of enterprises that are discovering the benefits of Apple, the JAMF Software founders went all in on their third place horse.

According to IDG, the JAMF Software story has “something of the feel-good Hollywood narrative arc about it with the chances of a happy ending almost as high.”

By delivering on the promise to help more people enjoy the power of Apple, JAMF Software is playing a crucial role in getting the productivity, creative, and interactive capabilities of Mac, iPad, and iPhone into more hands. You throw in Apple’s continued commitment to business and education with the iPad Pro and upcoming iOS 9.3 release, and you have a recipe for JAMF Software’s exponential growth to endure.  

Visit IDG’s website to download the full article

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