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March 7, 2018 by Matthew Phillips

How IT can nail the first impression and deliver a great onboarding experience

Learn how to create a smooth and reliable technology onboarding experience that makes it easy, informative, and dare we say, fun for employees to get up and running immediately.

It’s easy to assume that onboarding new employees and their technology is a very involved process; signing lots of papers, resetting passwords, account creation and usually a couple of trips to the help desk. But It doesn’t have to be this way!

With Jamf and other software integrations together, IT professionals have tools at their fingertips to make the setup of new devices in their environment simple, painless and even fun. And when onboarding is modeled around provisioning, it’s not limited to new hires or new enrollments. In fact, provision-driven onboarding can apply to a compliance workflow for any Mac that already exists in your environment.

Even though you might not want to give your veteran employees the same experience as the newly hired interns, onboarding concepts and workflows are still relevant for both use cases.

Why onboarding matters
More businesses than ever are giving end users the option to choose the platform they work on, and with user-choice programs, organizations of all sizes are seeing a huge uptick in Mac adoption. More Mac devices in your environment means more visibility from above and new workflows for IT. Having a smooth and repeatable provisioning process becomes more important during these growth scenarios. Setting up one or two devices per month is easy, but what if you have to set up 75 new Mac devices every week? Or 500 Mac devices during the summer break?

Tasks like these get easier when you throw more headcount at them, but that is rarely cost effective. So why not have your end users do the work for you!

A better onboarding workflow
Not only does user-focused onboarding lighten the load for IT, it empowers users to set up the device themselves through the magic of zero-touch deployment. If the user knows where to find things, like maintenance tools and installers, they can help themselves. The result? A decrease in help tickets and more time to work on the important big picture parts of your environment.

When end users set up their own Mac, the process needs to be straightforward and enjoyable. You get one chance to make a first impression and you don’t want to give them a negative experience right out of the gate, right?

The key is simplicity and ease. It’s all in the interest of hitting the ground running. How do you get the minimum amount of configuration and software needed on the machine for compliance and productivity, while giving end users the opportunity to get the rest later?

The time for successful onboarding is now
This shift in imaging technology makes 2018 the ideal time to implement zero-touch deployment as your provisioning workflow. Zero-touch deployment allows users to set up their own Mac, and with a user feedback app, some scripting and scoping, the experience is fast, easy, fun and informative!

With Jamf, Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), a provisioning script and user feedback apps, the possibilities are endless. You can display a new hire handbook on screen while a user is waiting for a Mac to enroll. Or even let them play a game of Pacman. Whatever you show your user, just remember that you’ve got a captive audience so get some information out of them — like their favorite color or dietary preferences. It’s not only a smooth technology onboarding process that goes a long way. A friendly face will help set the record straight that Nick Burns’ IT model is a thing of the past.

In our webinar, Zero to Productive: A Better Employee Onboarding Experience, see real-world scenarios using three free user feedback apps from the Jamf Marketplace:

  1. SplashBuddy http://jamf.it/splashbuddy
  2. aDEPt (previously called DEP-Enrollment.app): http://jamf.it/adept
  3. DEP Notify: http://jamf.it/depnotify

For a detailed walkthrough and demonstration of each tool, check out the webinar recording. This is all possible with Jamf Pro, DEP, a provisioning script and user feedback apps.

Interested in seeing how it works? Request a free trial.

Matthew Phillips
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