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Nick Amundsen and John Miller discuss new methods for OS migrations - 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

How to Perform an OS Migration in Your Sleep

Apple typically has a new release every 12 months. That’s an aggressive schedule. But we pour our hearts into staying on top of it.

Shortly after OS X Mavericks is released, the latest version of the Casper Suite will be ready to support. Presenters Nick Amundsen and John Miller showed us how easy it will be to upgrade to the new operating system. It’s as simple as caching the OS X installer, creating a smart group and a policy for end users, and having those users install the OS X upgrade.

We heard stories of past upgrades and the crucial role the Casper Suite played. In one case, 1,900 teachers went to self service, clicked a button, and voila!

No, you’re not dreaming, updating the operating system for a fleet of Macs can be as simple as counting sheep.

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