iOS 10 has arrived, what does it mean for you?

Take a look at the mobile device management (MDM) functionality that IT can now leverage.

September 13 2016 by

Jen Kaplan

iOS 10 is here and make no mistake, your iPhone and iPad users will be chomping at the bit to upgrade today! And that’s a good thing, because iOS 10 is jam-packed with new features that drive efficiency in business, deliver a better experiences for end users, and provide helpful tools to make IT’s job a little bit easier.

At Apple’s iPhone 7 event last week, we saw a sneak peek at ConnectEd for schools and real-time business collaboration for iWork, but with iOS 10, there’s so much that we didn’t see. Even though it wasn’t covered last week, we’ve put together a spotlight on mobile device management (MDM) functionality that you can take advantage of today with JAMF Software and Casper Suite 9.96:

4 key iOS 10 features for the enterprise:

  • A new way to avoid unexpected iPad and iPhone data usage with the ability to manage which iOS apps can use cellular data and which apps can use roaming data. Mobility is ever-growing and this new feature can yield dramatic cost-savings for enterprises with a traveling workforce.
  • More telecomm convenience and better service for end users through the ability for IT to define default iOS calling apps such as Skype on iOS devices. It’s the easiest way to standardize the use of cost-saving VoiP apps across an organization and streamlines the way global travelers stay connected.
  • Optimizing network bandwidth. Cisco customers can use new fast lane Quality of Service (QOS) marking to prioritize network bandwidth for business critical iOS apps such as Skype or Cisco Spark. This ensures non-critical bandwidth sucking apps don’t impact the performance of the apps that matter.
  • IT can further customize and streamline the onboarding of new employees with the ability to further customize the setup process for new iOS devices. True Tone Display and Home Button Sensitivity Setup Assistant steps can now be skipped and new employees can get up and running with their new iOS device faster than ever.

4 key iOS 10 features for schools:

  • iOS 9.3 introduced Apple’s Classroom app, an engaging teaching assistant for iPad. With iOS 10, schools gain the ability to keep students from modifying Bluetooth settings to ensure that Apple’s Classroom app for teachers has uninterrupted communication with student iPads.
  • Managed Apple IDs also came with iOS 9.3, and iOS 10 brings the ability to automatically associate Managed Apple IDs with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Apple School Manager. This new, automated workflow eliminates the need for students to receive and accept VPP invitations — drastically streamlining the registration process.
  • New iOS management commands were also added for "Diagnostic and Usage Reporting" and "App Analytics” to be enabled or disabled on Shared iOS devices. This is a great feature for schools and allows (or prevents) the submission of Shared iPad information to Apple and app developers.
  • Casper Suite 9.96 bonus: new dynamic URL site enrollment strengthens both security and efficiency by dynamically generating a URL associated with a specific site to automate the enrollment process for schools that frequently wipe and re-enroll iPads to different sites using Apple Configurator.

JAMF Software is excited to offer better than zero-day support for these new IOS 10 features so customers can take advantage of them today! Check out the Casper Suite 9.96 release notes for a complete listing of what’s new and get your upgrade here! Cloud-hosted customers will be upgraded automatically.

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Take a breath and head to our Apple OS upgrades page. It’s filled with guides and tutorials to make your organization's upgrade to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra a breeze.

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