Jamf After Dark: JNUC 2023 preview

In this episode of Jamf After Dark, co-hosts Kat Garbis and Sean Rabbitt are joined by Jamf senior events specialists Anna Hedstrom and Jeff Ovik for an exciting preview of JNUC 2023!

August 22 2023 by

Hannah Hamilton

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The Jamf Nation User Conference, JNUC, is our annual conference where Apple admins can exchange knowledge, make connections and connect with Jamf employees and sponsors. This year, JNUC is in Austin, Texas. Jamf senior events specialists Anna Hedstrom and Jeff Ovik join co-hosts Kat Garbis and Sean Rabbitt to share what the hype is about.

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The JNUC experience

This year’s JNUC has a slew of sessions both in-person and virtual and will be live-streamed and recorded for virtual attendees. Hedstrom offers some notable new additions to this year’s conference: a spotlight stage in the expo hall with sponsor presentations and demos, and a live taping of this very podcast! And Ovik lets us know about the new JNUC 2023 mobile app, which includes maps, session schedules, directions, Braindates and more! (Learn more about how Braindate works from this blog post from last year's JNUC.)

While JNUC sessions can be viewed from the comfort of your own sofa, the group recommends in-person attendance for irreplaceable networking opportunities, product demos, interactive labs and the spotlight stage— which will not be offered virtually. Virtual attendees will still be able to type questions to ask presenters live during live-streamed sessions.

How much does JNUC cost?

Virtual tickets cost $199. In-person tickets purchased through August 31 cost $1199 for education customers and $1399 for commercial customers. On September 1, prices increase to $1399 for education customers and $1599 for commercial customers, so take advantage of the lower prices while you can.

Session catalog

The session catalog and schedule are live, so build your schedule with the sessions you’re interested in. If there are multiple sessions you’d like to attend at the same time, Hedstrom recommends favoriting the lower priority one rather than registering so you can check back for the recording after the session.

Both Jamf customers and non-customers attend JNUC; there are relevant sessions for both. This year’s sessions include topics about Apple innovations in your environment, enhancing the user experience and more. There are also partner sessions, including Okta, Google and Microsoft. Sessions range in technical level from 100 to 400, with the average being in the 200 level. Based on last year’s attendee survey, we’ve also made sure there are more 300- and 400-level technical sessions, as well as around two each day that are “non-tech,” like “From Burnout to Balance: Leveraging Technology and Advocacy for Wellness.”

Advice for attendees

Ovik and Hedstrom offered some words of wisdom for attendees:

  • Register before September 1 to take advantage of the lower ticket prices.
  • Download the JNUC 2023 app— brand-new this year, it holds all the information you need to optimize your JNUC experience.
  • Bake in time to check out activities beyond sessions.
  • Wear tennis shoes. Even though the activities are close together, it is still the largest event center JNUC has been in.
  • Booking your hotel as soon as possible, as some are already sold out.

Also, make sure you don’t miss the Jamf Nation party on Wednesday night at Troublemaker Studios. Food and drinks will be offered at this scenic film studio. And if you have a plus one, passes are available for purchase so they can join you at the celebration.

The episode ends with a teaser about the topics covered in the live Jamf After Dark recording. Listen to find out!

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