Recognizing Jamf Nation

From beta programs to redeploy initiatives, Jamf Nation never ceases to amaze us.

October 1 2020 by

Daniel Weber

Jamf Nation is unique and special, and the foundation to our success. So, this Jamf Nation User Conference, let’s highlight and recognize key groups, contributors and activities of this amazing community.

Jamf Beta and Release Candidate Programs

Jamf’s Beta Programs are an important first step in our release process of getting our newest build out for testing. It also allows us to highlight our newest features, fixes and compatibility, and gives IT the opportunity to test workflows prior to release.

Every mature software company has methods and reasons for including customers at various levels and points during a release. Having programs like the Beta and Jamf Pro Release Candidate Program ensure that we deliver a product that delights and excites all of you, our customers.

Thank you to those who participate and if you’re interested in joining, go to Jamf Nation to learn about the Jamf Beta and Release Candidate Programs.

UX Research Participant Pool

The UX Research Participant Pool is a group of Jamf users who volunteer to participate in a number of research activities in order to provide feedback on product initiatives before they are released. The work these contributors do is invaluable in making the user voice heard.

To get more involved in UX research, go here.

Jamf Nation Redeploy Initiative

Together with Jamf Nation, we built the Jamf Nation Redeploy Initiative to help those in need of hardware and resources to facilitate remote work, distance learning and telehealth.

Through a matrix of organizations who were able to donate devices to dozens of selfless volunteers from the Jamf Nation community, your effort has helped to donate hundreds of devices and countless hours of volunteer expertise to organizations in need.

The very first donation was made possible by Second Life Mac who aided Sharp Healthcare in Southern California with hardware to care for chronically ill patients with iPad-based telehealth solutions.

Since that initial donation, we’ve also connected devices and volunteer expertise to the Creighton Community Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles, thanks to Diamond Assets and Jamf Nation Redeploy volunteers.

Interested in getting involved? Details found here.

Thank you to everyone who participates in these programs and special shoutouts to Jamf Nation leaders Ben Toms, Lewis B, John Wetter, Chris Hafner, Brian Messinger, Johan McGwire, Brad Chapman, Steven Russell, Kim Trojanowski, Tim Ellis and Mike Vos for going above and beyond for their communities and colleagues!

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